Enterprise SEO in Singapore: The Complete Guide

There’s nothing like one-size-fits-all business solutions.

Whether it’s a software program, marketing strategy, or a referral program, what worked for someone’s business isn’t a guaranteed success for your business.

The same applies to SEO. Large corporations or enterprises require more calculated and robust SEO strategies than their small to medium-sized counterparts to succeed. That explains why there’s increased demand for enterprise SEO services specifically tailored for larger brands.

What’s Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO is a form of SEO for websites with lots of pages, with more than one language, and, in most cases, targeting multiple countries. It differs from regular SEO in the sense that it has to be planned, executed with care, and improved in perpetuity to drive results – it’s never a set-and-forget SEO practice.

At the core, enterprise SEO is similar to regular SEO. It, however, involves goals and strategies that are tailored to the individual needs of an enterprise site.

Enterprise sites are super-large, with 1000 or more pages. They’re mostly owned by large corporations, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

The Difference Between Enterprise SEO and Regular SEO

Most people are conversant with the term SEO. But the same can’t be said about the term enterprise SEO.

Let’s get one thing clear: regular and enterprise SEO both have the same end goal – and that’s to improve your search engine visibility and attract more customers.

But here are a few areas where the differences set in:


Enterprise SEO is a bit more complicated than regular SEO. There are so many metrics to track for different versions of your site.


Enterprise SEO is SEO on a larger scale. You have to remember that you’ll be dealing with a super-large website, boasting thousands of pages. That demands more content. You may also have to produce content in different languages and targeted to multiple countries, not just one or two.

Team Size

For regular SEO, one person is enough to handle all the work. But with enterprise SEO, you can only succeed with a team, where each member will be tasked with a specific role or duty to improve the overall SEO performance of your website.

Why Enterprise SEO Matters

Enterprise SEO matters because it provides you with the opportunity to drive more customers to your website or physical store. Everything about it translates to more earnings for you.

You also have to remember that your competition is also doing enterprise SEO – not all of them, but a few of them. They’re gaining a competitive advantage over you, and snagging some of your potential customers.

Enterprise SEO matters because there’s a lot of money at stake. SEO is a high-margin marketing tool. You reap so much for investing so little. You also miss great opportunities for discarding it.

You’re losing so much revenue by not investing in SEO. 

What Are the Benefits of Enterprise SEO?

To entrepreneurs that want to take a plunge into enterprise SEO, here are a few ways such a campaign may benefit you:

Better Organisation

The biggest issue you can face when running a big website is organisation. You have to remember that you’ll be dealing with so many webpages and that it’s your job to ensure every single one of them lives up to the required SEO standards.

The good thing with enterprise SEO is that it eliminates this issue by helping you organise your website activities.

Simplifies Local Marketing

Does your enterprise target individuals from multiple countries?

If so, then you have to make sure that you’re locally ranked in each of these countries – easier said than done.

But with enterprise SEO, you can manage the local searches of different countries on one platform or website. You can also track your results and view your performance across different locations.

Enterprise SEO allows you to use the existing authority of your website. It also allows you to build upon it.

You have to remember that you’ll not just be building your website from the ground up. You’ll be optimising a large number of pages on your website to improve its overall performance. In the end, everything translates to increased domain authority.

New Audience

The more you optimise your website for search engines, the more traffic you attract. The more visibility you gain, the more you’re exposed to a new audience, all of which translates to more customers or clients for you.

Important Enterprise SEO Activities

The first step to understanding SEO is learning how Google or search engines in general work.

However, one question remains: how should a big company approach SEO? We’ve prepared a roadmap that you can use to carry out SEO for your enterprise website:

Structure Your Website in a Way that Google Can Easily Find it

You first have to understand how Google crawls the web.

It begins by identifying a known page and then goes on to find the links on it before discovering the other pages.

It’s the same thing with your website. It begins with one of your pages and then proceeds to find internal links before discovering the other pages.

Internal links are so important, and for this, you want to make sure your internal linking procedure is created logically.

In Comes Silo or Content Hub

What’s Siloing?

Siloing is where you group topically-related webpages via internal links. Its goal is to create a topic cluster or a group of interlinked webpages that relate to a particular topic.

The hub-and-spoke model allows search engine crawlers to quickly understand your website structure, and rank it appropriately.

Be Strategic with Your Backlinks

Don’t just populate your website with backlinks for the sake of it. Every link has to be strategically placed and prepared with care.

In 2018, Ahrefs conducted a simple study that involved studying billions of pages to find out which ones among them attracted the most traffic from Google.

They would soon come to find out that only 9.12% of pages get a decent amount of search traffic. In fact, 90.88% of websites were completely invisible.

The Reason

Of all the sites that were completely invisible, about 55.24% had no backlinks.

You have to remember that backlinks are among the top three ranking factors on Google. They correlate nicely with search engine traffic, which explains why they’re considered a big part of SEO.

Two Link-building strategies you can use:

  • Unlinked Mentions: Unlinked mentions refer to the mentions that your brand, product, or services receive online, but do not link back to your website. It’s simple: if an author mentioned you online, the odds are good that they’re already familiar with your brand. Be sure to reach out to them and ask them to consider adding your link to the mentions.
  • Outreach: The second strategy you can use to grow your backlinks is to send emails to the people who have written on the same topic. Some of them may be interested in the topic to want to link back to it. Use a tool such as hunter.io to find the emails of the people that might be interested in the topic, and then write them an email explaining why they should link back to you.

Target Topics with High Search Traffic Potential

In the same study by Ahrefs, more than 30, 000 pages didn’t drive any traffic at all despite having more than 200 referring domains. Why was this so?

Simple: many of these pages were targeting topics that didn’t have a high traffic potential.

What this means is that you shouldn’t publish any content on your website without first performing keyword research. That way, you can optimise your website content around the list of keywords you come up with.

The easiest way to perform keyword research is to use a keyword research tool such as Ahref, SEMRush, Moz, or Answer the Public.  

Create a Content Engine

With enterprise SEO, you cannot afford to write your own content. You need a team for this.

You have two options when it comes to this. The first one is where you set up your own team of content creators and marketers, and the second one is where you enlist the services of an external team of freelance content creators.

For freelancers, be sure to check out job boards such as Problogger, AngelList, and Blogging Pro, among others.

What to Include in Your Enterprise SEO Strategies

The strategies you use in enterprise SEO may be different from those you use in regular SEO, but the underlying tactics and procedures remain pretty much the same.

With that said, here’s a six-step approach to enterprise SEO: 

Custom Strategy: With enterprise SEO, you have to take a detailed look into your business and its mission and goals and develop a more tailored approach to SEO.

Universal SEO: You have to optimise every single element of your website, including images, videos, maps, and news articles.

Analytics and Reporting: Analytics should be your friend. If you’re working with an agency, then they should grant you access to advanced analytics and regular reporting. They should provide monthly reports and weekly updates on the progress made, depending on their plan.

Dedicated Account Team: You need a dedicated team of five or more people dedicated to implementing, developing, and reporting on your SEO strategy.

Social Media Strategy: Social media plays a very crucial role in helping you connect with your target audience and build your brand. Enterprise SEO and social media marketing go hand-in-hand. You have to figure out a way to tie the two together.

Enterprise SEO Trends to Watch in 2020

Almost every corporation has an SEO marketing plan. Competition is fierce, and the only way to gain an edge is to leverage new SEO practises and resources, such as the ones listed below:

SEO Is Now a Necessity

SEO is no longer an optional marketing strategy but a necessity. It’s not about mobile or web traffic or how visitors get to your site, but more of how they engage with it.

Google is responsible for more than 75% of all the traffic that you’re likely to get on your enterprise website. The same way SEO is still responsible for driving this traffic, it’s the same way it’s responsible for how well your site visitors convert – especially when you factor in SEO elements such as page speed, UI/UX design, and so forth.

Mobile Applications Are a Growing Movement

Investing in mobile apps is becoming a common phenomenon among enterprise companies. The reason being mobile solutions are thought to be more effective at targeting users than mobile-friendly interfaces.

It’s not just about serving mobile users with compatibility. You need to start targeting them directly.

Pumping Money Where Results Are

Track your SEO effort and identify all the areas that generate results. The next thing you want to do is invest in anything that has proven to be effective. As you’re soon going to find out, enterprise SEO works.

If enlisting one or two SEO marketers and specialists generate results, there’s no harm in expanding your team.

Confirming this statement is a recent study which went on to show that organisations that invest more than $20, 000 in SEO are the ones leading in SEO innovation and the corporate space.

Influencer Marketing for Enterprises

The most natural and organic way to grow your audience and reach more customers is through social media.

Social media isn’t just a successful strategy; it’s cost-effective. Still, under the umbrella of social media strategies, influencer partnership is fast-becoming a popular option with many entrepreneurs.

Some might still be looking at influencers as a start-up tactic, but the truth is, it’s an incredibly successful tactic for established enterprises, as well.

Common Challenges of Enterprise SEO

Increased Competition

The competition is fierce. Almost every entrepreneur out there is competing for web traffic and customers. It’s simple: the more people see your web content, the more they’re likely to seek out your services or products.

Challenge Maintaining a Certain Number of Sales

SEO for small businesses might be a matter of competing for a few hundred visitors. However, enterprise sites have to compete for thousands of visitors. More visitors translate to more sales. But with every competitor attempting to draw visitors their way, maintaining a certain sales volume is proving to be an even bigger challenge than most people think.

Better SEO Platform

Increased search engine performance means thousands of potential customers will be accessing your website. That demands a proper enterprise SEO platform designed per the industry’s best SEO practises.

Creating Content for Enterprise SEO

Every section we covered in this article culminates to this – the part where we get down to creating actual SEO content. Creating high-performance SEO content for your enterprise website requires a solid understanding of your site structure, audience, and the existing content.

Keep Your Existing Content Alive

You need a clear understanding of your site structure and its content to keep your past content alive. There are two ways to draw SEO juice from your past content: interlinking and content optimisation. 


Interlinking is where you insert links into your posts to direct readers to other posts, pages, or areas of your website. There are three critical benefits to interlinking:

  • Improved navigation helps to direct users to where you want to see them head next.
  • Improves the SEO score of the page that you’re linking to
  • Your link anchor text has a significant amount of SEO value

To benefit from interlinking, the anchor text and link must be relevant and beneficial to the reader. It must direct them to another useful piece of content, and not just anything random.

Interlinking allows you to breathe life into your old, evergreen content. The content you link has two ways to benefit from this. One is from the link itself. And the second one is from the added readership that the link brings.

Content Optimisation

Content optimisation is where you return to your old posts to improve or update them. Instead of creating a new post from scratch, you can always go back to a past post and improve it. This allows you to recycle your old posts, page age, and improve on your overall authority.

Create Unique Content

The more original your content is, the more it’s likely to perform better. Smaller companies spend much of their time scrapping content. They’re also pilfering for posts from here and there, and that’s because they do not have the same advantage as enterprise companies.

Writing new unique content is more time consuming and costly than scrapping it.  Everything has to be researched and planned in advance before getting down to the writing bit of it.

It also generates a higher level of authority than scrapped content. The more content you share, the more trust you inspire, and the more likely people will start sharing your content. The odds of people sharing your content increases the more useful and unique the content is.

Market Your Content

Don’t just publish content and be done with it. With every piece of content that you create, you have to figure out how to get it out there.

You can start sharing the links to your content in emails, newsletters, and social media feeds. Remember to also run a link-building campaign.

An excellent link-building campaign is essential for driving more readers and improving the overall SEO performance of your website.

What Makes a Site Right for Enterprise SEO?

You may be operating a reasonably large website, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it requires enterprise level of SEO services. On the flip side, your site may be relatively small but is more legitimate for enterprise-level SEO services.

Why is this so? How do you tell if your website requires enterprise SEO and not just regular SEO?

Read on to find out:

  • The Size of the Website: The first thing to look at when evaluating your website for enterprise SEO is its size. How many products or services do you sell via the website? The size of your company or business doesn’t necessarily impact whether your site can be classified as an enterprise or not. But the general number of webpages, products, or services, or if the website meets the general need of your project.
  • Your Website’s Authority: This is another factor that determines whether your site is suited with regular SEO or enterprise SEO. If your website has thousands of products or pages and only a handful of links, then it does not qualify as an enterprise site. And that’s because these links are not enough to pass any SEO juice to the deeper pages. So, expect its authority level to be quite low.

How to Choose the Right Enterprise SEO Service in Singapore

There are so many providers of enterprise SEO services in Singapore. So, from all the options you have, how do you choose the right one.

It starts by answering the following list of questions:

Is Your Content Management System Adequate?

A good enterprise-level CMS program will have many features to help you prepare your website for SEO. For instance, if you’re dealing with thousands of webpages, then it might be essential for the CMS program to have some sort of automation.

It should allow you to create rules or automated actions that are based on your input. When creating a page, it should automate the process of creating H1 tags, URLs, title tags, breadcrumbs, canonical tags, navigational links, and so forth.

Think of your CMS program as your bedrock, the foundation of all your SEO efforts. You have to make sure the entire system is solid, capable of handling your SEO needs in the future.

Do You Have the Required Staff to Handle Your SEO Process?

Take a look at your staff? They do not necessarily need to handle the technical part of the process. But they should be big enough to manage the entire project.

Do you have the right person to handle every aspect of the project?

Have You Settled on The KPIs to Use for the Project?

By establishing your KPIs early only, you’ll be able to distinguish between what works and what doesn’t work. Without KPIs, you can never tell if your investment is worth it or not. If anything, you can only improve on that which you’re able to measure or track accurately, and that’s where KPIs come in. Top Enterprise SEO Service Providers in Singapore

Top Enterprise SEO Service

Media One


MediaOne offers professional enterprise SEO services to businesses in Singapore and all the surrounding regions. Their goal is to help businesses increase their organic score drastically so they can effectively compete for the highest ranking for highly competitive keywords in their respective fields.

Having started in 2009, MediaOne has managed to rack up so many awards. They have also had the opportunity to work with thousands of clients, including Singtel, Capitaland, Maybank, and so on.


·        SEO Services

·        Branding Services

·        Social Media Marketing

·        Website Design

·        Online Reputation Management


4B Craig Road, Singapore 089664


(65) 6789 9852






·        Singtel

·        Noel

·        Changi

·        Hotel 81

·        Zurich

Top Enterprise SEO Firm

First Page


First Pages was started by Nick Bell, a serial entrepreneur behind more than ten digital agencies. Initially, the agency used to go by the name SEOAgeny.com.sg, but would, later on, rebrand to First Page.

The agency has grown and now boasts hundreds of clients from hundreds of different industries.

Their experience and prowess on matters SEO makes them an absolute behemoth in the digital space. 


·        SEO

·        Social Media Marketing

·        E-commerce

·        Repution Management

·        Enterprise SEO


120 Robinson Road, #05-01 Singapore 068913


(65) 6270 2193





Top Enterprise SEO Firm

Best SEO


Best SEO is a highly specialised enterprise SEO firm in Singapore.

It’s the newest kid on the block, having only started in 2019. Their specialty is in delivering terrific results for the few clients that have had the opportunity to work with them.  


·        Website Design

·        Search Engine Optimization

·        Lead Generation

·        Search Engine Marketing

·        Content marketing


10 Anso Road, #10-11 International Plaza, Singapore 079903


(65) 9231 3757






·        Nanyang Technical University

·        Era Real Estate

·        Precision Spine

·        OSG

·        Next Level

Top Enterprise SEO Firm



Genia is among the few agencies that understand the value of SEO, and they’re not about to take it lightly.

They’re all about helping every single one of their clients achieve greatness through nothing else by well-strategized SEO services.

There are so many ways in which Genia could help your brand. One is by helping you identify your customers’ needs and how to satisfy them best. They’ll also help you increase brand awareness and raise brand recognition.  


·        Digital Marketing

·        SEO

·        Social Media Marketing

·        Web Design

·        Content Marketing Strategy


170 Upper Bukit Timah RD, #B2-01C, Singapore 588179


(65) 8228 6874






·        Ice Cube Marketing

·        Praise music School

·        Vitality Chiropractic Centres

·        LivingWord Communications

Top Enterprise SEO Firm

Evolve &Adapt


Evolve & Adapt is a certified, Singapore-based enterprise SEO firm, specialised in SEO strategy and digital marketing as a whole.

They’re one of Singapore’s most sought-after marketing consultant. Their core speciality includes digital strategy, strategic marketing, and SEO web development.


·        Search Engine Optimization

·        Digital Marketing Strategy

·        Strategic Marketing Consultancy

·        Digital Marketing Training


10 Ubi Cres, #07-64 ubi Techpark, Singapore 408564





Top Enterprise SEO Firm



Awebstar is a full-service online marketing, web development, and web design firm offering integrated web solutions for businesses in Singapore and other parts of the world. They have some of the most talented individuals and the brightest minds working for their team. They have a history of providing exceptional results for clients that reach out to them for work.


·        SEO Services

·        Web Development Consultation services

·        CRM

·        Social Media Optimization

·        Web Design Packages


03 Raffles Place, #08-01B Bharat Building, Singapore 048617


(65) 6909 9163






·        FIZNO

·        Singtel

·        DHL Express

·        Psb Academy

·        FoodPanda

Top Enterprise SEO Firm

Thinking Notes


Looking for an agency that will help you propel your website to the first three pages of Google? Well, look no further than Thinking Notes, one of the leading providers of enterprise SEO services in Singapore.

Some of the services offered by Thinking Notes include SEO, Web Design, and so on. The agency also boasts one of the best SEO consultants in the country, stacking years of digital marketing experiences under their belt.


·        SEO Consulting Services

·        Website Design Packages

·        Ecommerce Development

·        Web Design services


73 Ubi Road 1, Oxley Bizhub #10-55, Singapore 408733


(65) 9188 9629





Top Enterprise SEO Firm

Impossible Marketing


Impossible Marketing was established in 2012 and has since grown to be one of the most trusted providers of SEO services in Singapore. Their main business is to guide businesses on how to best achieve their full potential by working on their online popularity.


·        SEO Services

·        Google Display Network

·        Social Media Marketing

·        Email Marketing

·        SEM


14A Yan Kit Road, (Level 2&3) Singapore 088266


(65) 9374 0111






·        Vivo Smart Phone

·        Moovaz

·        Lazada Group

·        Renopedia

·        ERA

Top Enterprise SEO Firm

Olive Asia


Olive Asia was founded in 2012 by a professional team of creatives and marketers. Their goal was to help businesses grow their online audience and target an even bigger customer base.

The agency standards out because all their services are personalised, besides going at the most affordable prices possible.

Their core speciality includes web development, web design, app development, and enterprise SEO work.


·        Search Engine Optimization

·        Website Security

·        Domain and Email

·        Website Maintenance

·        IT Services


336 Smith Street, #06-302, New Bridge Centre, Singapore 050336


(65) 9076 3774






·        Elpis

·        Oceanic

·        Syspex

·        Cell-II

Top Enterprise SEO Firm



E-Media provides cutting edge SEO, Web design, and overall digital marketing services to businesses in Singapore and from other places in the world.

They have one of the most experienced and dedicated teams of marketers, especially for the local market. The agency stands out because they serve their customers with a 24/7 progress report and direct access to their analytics.


·        SEO

·        Social Media Marketing

·        Website Design and Development

·        Search Engine Marketing


31 Woodlands Close, #07-19 Woodlands Horizon, Singapore 737855


(65) 3118 3767





Final Thoughts

SEO is the biggest driver of online traffic and an ideal platform for inspiring consumer trust. With almost all your potential readers not digging past the first three search results, it’s important that you work your way to the top, on the most important keyword phrases relating to your industry.

While at it, don’t forget that SEO results are compounding and long-lasting. Contact MediaOne to start your enterprise SEO program today. Let out team prepare an SEO strategy and plan that’s specific to the needs of your enterprise website.

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