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For any social media marketing strategy to be successful, it must be focused on doing two things consistently and continuously – build a community that is relevant and keep them engaged. Building a loyal and meaningful Twitter community is your first step, and while the task may seem daunting at first, it can be made easier when you know what or more specifically, who you are looking for.

Grow Your Community

Start by curating accounts by profile, keywords, and geography. You can do this with a community build tool that smartly follows accounts that meet your criteria while increasing your chances of being followed back. You can search accounts by their profile description, what they tweet about, and even location.

Through community build tools on Tweepsmap, you will be presented with many accounts that are carefully selected by an intelligent algorithm. Once curated, decide who to follow. In just a few days, the tool will tell you who hasn’t followed you back, and you can choose to keep following them or unfollow.

Increasing Engagement

Continuously growing your community should be an ongoing process. And one of the ways to ensure that you are keeping your existing audience engaged while also attracting the attention of new followers is to develop a strategy to increase engagement. Here are tactics to boost your Twitter engagement:

Promote Your Brand by Participating In Twitter Chats

Communicate with people who share your interests. Engage with people who tweet about topics in your industry through Twitter chats.

Twitter chats are conversations based on a unique hashtag, and it allows you to have real-time conversations with hundreds of users. Promote yourself as an expert on the topic but never push your product or brand. Don’t let people think you’re there simply to advertise your brand. When people start to see you as an authority on the topic, they will naturally be curious about you and your brand, and beyond engaging with you, they will interact with you via your posts.

Double Your Engagement by Using Hashtags

Hashtags help users quickly search for a topic or trend on Twitter. If you are using the right hashtag in your tweets, your target audience will find you easily. Hashtags will boost engagement with both followers and non-followers.

Find the most relevant hashtags through Intelligent Publishing. Get the highlights on the top tweets from key publishers and comprehensive and actionable data which include the top 50 words or hashtags.

Create Twitter Polls to Engage with Followers

Not only will you engage your followers, but you’ll also obtain valuable information about your audience that will later help you develop customer personas. Furthermore, polls show your followers that you value their opinion which translates to trust and loyalty, giving you a positive brand identity and reputation.

Curate Content to Invite Interaction

Sharing your own content is great, but sharing content by others shows your followers that it’s not all about you and that you value the opinions of others in your industry.

Mix up your content with curated content that you enjoy and feel that your audience will find relevant, valuable, informative and most importantly engaging. Plan your curated content by creating a schedule. A Tweet scheduler will help you build a whole content calendar, automate your tweet/retweet postings and increase engagement while massively saving time.

Tweepsmap has two methods to build a calendar that suits your goals. The PIPELINE is an excellent way to develop a rich, targeted content calendar and a repeatable cadence that is not date-sensitive, and keep the calendar fresh and live. The PowerSchedule method is perfect for when you want full control over each tweet or retweet and ideal for content that is time-sensitive such as an upcoming product launch, book, conferences or performance announcements.

Talk to Your Audience through Targeted DM

Instead of sending all your followers a generic message, zoom-in on a targeted sub-segment of your audience and send them a personalized and relevant message. You can segment your audience with a range of filters such as location, gender, professions, or your own customer list. Your well-crafted message will be sent to all the right people through powerful filters.  You’ll avoid complaints and unfollows because the people receiving your message have a genuine interest in what you have to say. With Tweepsmap DM Campaigns, you even have the power to schedule your campaigns, and the tool will automatically send the message on your behalf.

Analyzing If Your Twitter Engagement Tactics Are Working

Once you’ve started to implement these tactics to increase engagement, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of your growth and decline patterns to assess the effectiveness of your actions and campaigns, and to optimize your marketing investment. By seeing the momentum interactively and measuring campaign effectiveness, you’ll identify what is working and what is not.

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