Video: Eli Feldblum on the SEO industry maturing through the years

Eli Feldblum, the SVP of Search Marketing at MWWPR, stopped by my home in the warmer months to catch up on things. We actually went to high school for one year together back in the 90s. Some how, we both ended up in this industry and have stuck with it since.

In this three part video series, Eli and I chat about the good old days talking a little bit about our high school days, the first Israel SMX conferences, and how he helped co-found and invent early SEO software. We then spoke about how the SEO industry matured over the years, where we shared some disturbing examples of search spam over the years. And finally, in part three, we spoke about what types of websites and content efforts really make a difference and last the time within the Google search results.

You can learn more about Eli on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter @feldbum.

Here are all three videos in order:

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