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The purpose of YouTube SEO is to increase the online visibility of your videos in video search results and recommended video listings so that you can grow your audience. It’s similar to conventional SEO which involves optimizing your website for top positions on Google search results pages. When starting out you will find you have very few views and subscribers, you can boost your channel when you buy YouTube likes.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential. Finding keywords to target in your niche will not only help you to make your videos more findable; it will also give you ideas for new content. Your aim is to find keywords that have high monthly search volumes and low competition. Google Trends and Google’s Keyword Tools are two free resources that allow you to find out which terms people are searching for. Video content that has strategic keyword placement both in the description, titles, and transcription will rank higher.

Video Titles

Titling right is an important factor in effective YouTube SEO work. Titles should include keywords that are most relevant to the video topic or your brand. You can increase the number of keywords you target in your titles by placing a colon after the first title and adding more keywords. For example, “Affiliate Marketing Tips: Leveraging Successful Partnerships.” When it comes to title length, aim for 50-60 characters.

More Title Tricks:

• Add episode numbers to videos that are part of themed series. This will ensure YouTube places other videos from the series in the recommended video section.

• Use assertive language. Think about it: why would anyone want to watch a video titled “6 Ideas That Might Work”? A better title would be “6 New Ideas For Video Editing Success”.

• Avoid too many clickbait titles. Everyone once in while using clickbait titles can be a good strategy for getting attention to your channel. However, you want to avoid disappointing viewers by making hyperbolic claims about the video’s content too often.

• Numbers work well in titles. Videos with titles like “10 Ways To…”, “7 Facts…”, “3 Things You Don’t Know…”, etc. will attract people to your content.

Video Descriptions

Make sure the full URL to the page you want to drive traffic to features at the beginning of the video description. It could be a subscription page, a connected blog, a profile a social media platform, a website, an affiliate link, etc. Also, as advised by this site be sure to sprinkle a lot of short tail and longtail keywords throughout the description.

Video Tags

Make all your tags specific and relevant to your video content. Try to limit yourself to 15 tags at most to avoid suspicion from YouTube.

Video Closed Captions

Providing accurate subtitles for all your videos will increase the chances of your content getting noticed. YouTube and Google use the content in closed caption transcripts to understand and index a video’s content. If you want to appeal to a wider international audience, you might want to consider investing in subtitles for additional languages. While YouTube’s auto-translate is better than it was, it still makes many mistakes when translating English into other popular languages.

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