Ecommerce SEO Case Study: 47% Revenue Increase w/ ClickFlow

What if you could boost organic sales on your biggest product pages by 47% in one year — with just one SEO strategy?

That’s exactly what Primary Arms pulled off.

In fact, Primary Arms rigorously tested 53 of their product page title tags using ClickFlow over three months and saw such an impressive improvement that they were kind enough to let us share their results and tactics in this case study.

Here are the results:

The Challenge: Top Products Were Getting a Ton of Impressions in Google Search Results — but a Low Organic CTR

Primary Arms is one of the top ten Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) retailers in their space.

With an Ahrefs Domain Rating of 54 and over 10M backlinks, they’re fortunate to be able to rank on page one for competitive search keywords.

But here’s the rub: Organic impressions — i.e. eyeballs in search results — don’t always equate to actual clicks to your site.

After crunching Google Search Console data, their in-house SEO strategist, Wilson Calil, learned that dozens of products had below-average organic click-through-rates.

“With a high-traffic store like ours, I knew that optimizing organic CTRs was our low-hanging fruit when it came to SEO.”

So they decided to test new SEO titles.

Prior to discovering ClickFlow, Primary Arms was doing SEO title tests manually, which would require dozens of hours to:

And that’s where ClickFlow came into the picture.

ClickFlow is an SEO experimentation tool that allows you to test the effectiveness of each page (or groups of pages) to increase your organic traffic without the hassle of building links or writing more content.

The Solution: An Effortless Approach to Monitoring Title Changes that Boost Search CTRs Overnight

Primary Arms started using ClickFlow for two things:

ClickFlow helped identify the pages that had an opportunity to improve because they were already ranking — and the way to improve them was just changing titles or meta descriptions.

And it paid off big time.

Within weeks, Primary Arms was able to achieve 10-60%+ increases in organic CTRs on many of their low-hanging fruit SKUs.

Scale Your E-commerce SEO Traffic with Organic CTR Optimization

Optimizing titles and meta descriptions is one of the easiest ways to boost e-commerce traffic and sales on high-traffic stores — if you’ve got the right workflow.

According to Wilson: “We’ve been using ClickFlow mainly to optimize title and meta descriptions and also insert H2s on each page. We probably have done more than a hundred tests, and they were really successful.”

He goes on to say:

“In some cases, we moved from the second page of the SERPs to the first page just by adding a new title. ClickFlow helps us see the trend of growing traffic or increasing position or increasing rankings.”

Full testimonial from Wilson Calil, Digital Strategist, Primary Arms:

“Typically, if you are monitoring changes with Google Analytics or Search Console, it can take much more time because you have to actually check back all the time to see how changes are performing. ClickFlow saves us a ton of time finding opportunities, monitoring changes and reporting on results — even if we’re testing dozens of pages.

We also found ClickFlow to be very easy to learn — the UX is simple and modern. It took like 10 minutes to learn. Not difficult at all. It’s one of the easiest tools we use.”

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