Does Blogging Help SEO? Here’s 10 Reasons Why You Need Blog Content

If you know anything about SEO, you’ve no doubt heard about the importance of blogging. Blogging is an essential, basic principle of SEO.

But do you know why? How exactly does blogging help SEO? We’ll tell you!

We’ve written this guide to answer that very question. We’ll explain in detail the relationship between blogs and SEO. And we’ll list the top 10 SEO benefits you get by blogging.

Keep reading to learn how blogging will help your website thrive.

1. It Keeps Things Fresh

A site that never updates is as good as dead. Because that’s what it looks like to site visitors and search engines when they come across one.

If people find your website only to see that it has nothing relevant to offer them, they’ll assume they’re in the wrong place and leave. Likewise, search engines will assume it’s some forgotten site, abandoned by its owners, and no longer relevant.

Consistently blogging tells visitors and search engines that you are still alive and kicking. It tells current visitors that they are in the right place. And it constantly puts out new reasons for you to be recognized.

2. It Makes You an Authority

All this fresh, relevant content sets you up as an authority in your niche. Blogging builds up an archive of helpful content on your site.

Site visitors find the answers they’re looking for on your blog. And they see you have many more relevant posts that can help them. You’re now a reliable source of information related to your specific industry.

Google will also see you as an authority and rank you higher in search results.

3. It Will Increase Your Traffic

Each new blog post is a new opportunity for Googlers to find your website. Each relevant topic you post about is what someone is searching for.

Now, granted, each of these posts will have varying levels of success. But the important thing is that you are upping your chances of being found every time.

Think of Google like a fishing pond. Every time you create a new blog post, it’s like putting another baited hook into the water.

You may not always get a bite. But you will definitely get more bites the more hooks you put in.

4. It Lets You Target More Relevant Traffic

Even better, blogging lets you target your exact audience using popular keywords. Keywords are the specific words and phrases people use in search engines. Here’s how it works.

Using free tools like
Google Search Console, you can research which are the most popular keywords related to your niche. These are the most popular topics your target audience is looking for.

By creating blog posts centered around these keywords, you lure your specific target audience to your blog. From there, you can convert these visitors into sales or other desired metrics.

Back to the fishing metaphor, blogging about popular keywords is like using your target fish’s favorite bait. Proper use of popular keywords also boosts the search ranking of your blog posts.

5. It Helps Boosts Your Sales

Because of the reasons above, blogging boosts your conversion rates.

First, you’ve begun setting yourself up as an authority in your niche. And that makes you trustworthy. People are far more likely to purchase from someone they trust, wouldn’t you say?

Not only that but as your blog content increases, more and more of your visitors are of your relevant target audience. Combining these two, that makes you a trustworthy authority speaking directly to relevant leads. Increased sales is pretty much a given.

6. It Will Increases Your Leads

In the same way that your blog increases sales,
it increases leads. By increasing your authority, your traffic, and the relevance of your traffic, you’ll automatically increase your followers.

You’ll see an increase in form submissions, social media subscribers, and email or text opt-ins as an automatic result of the above blogging benefits. For that matter, this same principle applies to any other call-to-action you put on your site.

7. It Helps With Your Link Building

You’ve probably heard of “link building” as a fundamental SEO technique. When Google sees quality links to your website, it sees you as a competent niche authority and ups your search ranking. This is true of internal and external links.

You can take care of the internal links yourself with your blog. Each time you post, include a few links to other pages in your site.

Then, as long as your blog content is of high quality, the external links should start happening naturally. That is, your excellent blog content will be used by other sites as a reference.

8. It Works Together With Your Social Media

Your blog and social media account will play off each other to boost the success of both. Regular updates are important to both of these campaigns.

If your social media posts are linking to someone else’s content, you’re helping and hurting your cause at the same time. That is, you’re boosting your social media success, but hindering the success of your website.

On the other hand, when you post about your own blog posts on social media, you increase the success of both. Not only does it give your social media followers something to talk about, it links back to your blog to boost traffic to your site.

9. It Boosts Your Long-Tail Keyword Success

Previously, we mentioned the how regular updates and popular keywords helps you boost relevant traffic to your site. Similarly, increasing the amount of content on your site will attract traffic from very specific searches that wouldn’t see you otherwise.

These ultra-specific searches are called long-tail searches because they use very long keyword phrases. For example, most sites won’t show up in a Google search for, “The best wines to pair with chicken fettuccine alfredo.” But sites with a lot of different articles about specific wine pairings are the ones who get seen.

At first, these stragglers won’t make much of a difference to your site traffic. But the more content you post, the more this long-tail search traffic adds up. And that’s how a blog helps your long-term success.

10. It Increases Your Long-Term Success

As we just mentioned, blogs aren’t just for getting your site up-and-running. They provide bigger and bigger success the longer you do it.

Blog posts see their greatest success in their first few days. After that, they see very little traffic.

But little is still something. And when you multiply it by your increasing number of blog posts, this little traffic adds up exponentially.

Let’s assume that, after it’s second day, each blog post gets only ten hits a month till the end of time. Then let’s say you post one article per day.

By the end of the year, your blog would be getting 3,650 hits a month just for existing. The year after that, this number is doubled. The next year it’s tripled and so on.

And that’s on top of the big traffic you get from the first 2 days of each new post. That’s how your website starts making the big bucks.

Does blogging help SEO for everyone or does it only help in certain niches?

Rest assured, the 10 benefits listed above apply to all kinds of websites.

No matter what your niche, blogging gives you these 10 benefits and then some. Cash in on these blogging bennies by starting your blog today!

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search engine optimization (SEO), then please don’t hesitate to
contact us anytime. We are professional that are here to help!

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