Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 246- Uncovering SEO Truths with A-B Testing

Want some new and refreshing perspective on what really matters to Google Search in 2020? If growing organic traffic and updating your SEO strategy is important to you, then listen up…

We speak to Will Critchlow about all things SEO A/B Testing. As a Co-Founder and CEO of Distilled, an award-winning global marketing agency, CEO of SearchPilot and now SEO Partner at Brainlabs, Will is one of the top global practitioners of SEO testing with years of experience under his belt. 

Will walks us through what SEO A/ B testing is and how it works. He shares some of the lessons he and his team have learned as they rake through the world’s best SEO hunches to prove statistically, which work and which suck.  

Many things haven’t changed in the SEO world for years, but as you will learn, when you start to test out received SEO wisdom scientifically, you can get some surprising outcomes. Still think Javascript is no longer an issue for Google’s Indexing? Still referencing changing H1’s and H2’s in your SEO audits? Obsessing about Alt tags? Do your title tags still matter? Should you or an expert re-write them? Is Schema Markup really all powerful? Do voice search results impact on SEO? Do Meta Descriptions still add SEO value? Intelligent and erudite answers to all these questions and more are waiting for you in this interview. 

Discover how you can apply SEO A/B testing to your own website if you have enough content and traffic. Will also shares some tips on how to go about experimenting to find winning formulas on smaller sites.

We also pick Will’s brains on what his SEO crystal ball predicts for the SEO landscape over the next 12-24 months.

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