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Is your resume equipped with essential digital marketing skills? Good impression counts and the same goes for your resume. Working experience matters for a callback but does your skills match their expectations?

Each recruiter may require employees of different
expertise. A specialist and a jack-of-all-trade may bring something new and
different to the table. Having a variety of specialized skills could strike a
good balance to win your dream job. Are you a well-rounded candidate? Let’s see
if you are equipped with these essential digital marketing skills?

#1 Content Marketing

Conducting good keyword research is essential to figure out
the interests of users in topics of interest. This helps content marketers to
curate novel authentic content for high readability. Most importantly, the
content is able to address issues or problems affecting a group of users. If
correlated with brand values of enterprise, the users’ perception towards the
associated product and service are reinforced.

#2 Mobile Marketing

Mastering the art of mobile marketing can unlock even more
potential reach and sales for any enterprise. Candidates are to employ channels
such as location-based mobile marketing, mobile search ads, mobile image ads,
and SMS. This helps to maximize outreach of campaigns. Nobody leaves home
without a smartphone, the delivery of campaign messages is now on-the-go.

#3 Social Media Marketing

The average Malaysian spends more than 3
hours on Facebook daily. This translates to marketing opportunities
for enterprises. Good digital marketers should master basics of social media
advertising to create ads that elicits responses. Content creation is also
important to align itself with brand voice of the pages. Periodic analysis of
competitors’ page is also essential to stay ahead and remain competitive to
catch users’ attention.

#4 E-mail Marketing

Creating newsletters that invite clicks from subscribers is
arguably the biggest challenge in e-mail marketing. Recruiters would love to
see candidates with adept skills in using tools such as Mailchimp, Litmus, and
Mailjet. Most importantly, candidates should ideally possess good analytical
skills in deciphering data of each newsletter. This is important for future
planning of campaigns to ensure higher open rates.

#5 Youtube Marketing

Google is the most popular website in the world, but
Youtube is not far behind ranking second.
This makes it an ideal platform for video marketing. Youtube videos can be as
simple as a listicle or expanded to become a how-to article. The challenge lies
in candidates’ ability to propose the ideal format to deliver messages in most
suitable formats. The management of Youtube channel is a highly sought-after
skills albeit far less complicated than running a Facebook page. Mastery in
running Youtube SEO is also a big plus on candidates’ resume.

#6 SEO & SEM

Optimizing website to emerge on top of relevant searches is
the essence of SEO to retain high competitiveness and relevancy. Candidates are
expected to perform maintenance tasks such as regularly updating site content
and changing the metadata. Adept advertising strategy for SEM is also essential
for SEM to ensure ads continue to stay on top of search results and invite
potential website clicks. Candidates should also possess good budget management
skills for expenditure on ads.

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