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Digital Marketing Predictions in 2019

Its been a few weeks into 2019 , I hope you had a great year so far! To help you get ahead in 2019, I have compiled marketing predictions from my LinkedIn connections and also marketing experts around the world!

1. Ali Mirza, Founder of i Social You in Dallas, Texas

“I’m really bullish on chatbots and Live video but I also believe that LinkedIn will do some amazing stuff with company pages and groups in 2019!”

2. Audrey Ling, CEO of NEXT Academy, The Best Coding & Digital Marketing School in South East Asia

“Branded content will be taking a stronger foothold in 2019. Building brand affinity is key at a time where more people are blocking ads. These days, people want to be resonated with, they don’t want to be sold to.”

3. Neil Patel, Founder of Neil Patel Digital

“By 2020, Comscore estimates that half the searches on Google will be through voice search. So if you wanna do well in 2019, you need to be leveraging voice search.”

4.  Khushboo Nangalia, founder & CEO of beyond99, Malaysia

“There’s sure to be more focus on trust and transparency – and we’ll see brands co-creating content with users much often in practice.”

5. Daniel Nguyen, Co-founder & CMO @ Aurora Digital in Helsinki, Finland

“In my opinion, video, audio, stories, livestream, chatbot, voice search and command will dominate 2019.”

6. Nowrid Amin, Digital Marketing Strategist @ IQI Global, Malaysia

“I think 2019 will be a year for Facebook advertisement. I know they are struggling with Data privacy and Raise of Ad costs. But my vote is for Facebook ad in 2019. Because the the users are increasing between the age 30 to 65, which is an indication the decision makers are using facebook more actively!”

7.  Angelo Sorbello, Managing Director of Astrogrowth, Italy

“More and more ads will be managed by AI such as Albert.ai. Messenger Ads will be more relevant in 2019 are they’re still cheaper thought delivering outstanding results.”

8. Yoel Israel, B2B Marketing expert @ Wadidigital

“LinkedIn Ads are going to get much more expensive as more people start advertising on it. Quora Ads is the next hot platform for B2B Tech Marketing.”

9. Lucy Bloomfield, Director @ Business 2iC, Australia

“I think this will be the year will be the year we lose organic Instagram engagement and it will become increasingly difficult to get cut-through on the channel.

I also think the vegan industry is about to explode even more and products that are vegan and have a positive impact on the planet with the profits made are more likely to succeed the further into the year we go.”

10. Kotryna Kurt, Marketer @ TimeXtender, Denmark

“People are getting tired of the ‘Perfect Life’ image and shifting towards more down-to-earth influencers, micro-influencers.”

11. Gary Vaynerchuk, Chairman of VaynerX, CEO of VaynerMedia

“If you don’t have a very serious LinkedIn strategy, you are leaving a huge opportunity. LinkedIn organic reach is similar to Facebook 5, 6 years ago. Everyone should think how to make their content relevant to professionals on LinkedIn!”

12. Ng Khai Yong, Head of Growth @ KeywordTool.io

Search engines do release platform updates to curb bad practices, but as long as you follow the right fundamentals and rules, you won’t have much to worry about your SEO strategy for 2019.

13. Dr. A.J Minai, CMO & Founder of Subture

“I think overall LinkedIn is on a mad upwards curve at this point with more & more people discovering that this place is so much more rewarding & organic on a variety of levels in comparison to other mediums.”

14. Travis Hawley, Business Development & Marketing (Consultant) @ Viral Nation

“B2B influencer marketing is the next evolution of influencer marketing! There is going to be an increase of influncers on the LinkedIn platform as creators continue to create valuable content, build engagement and gain trust!”

I would like to thank all the marketers that contributed to this post. My predictions for Digital Marketing Trends in 2019 include the growth of voice, conversational marketing and live video events. I hope you can leverage on these predictions to have an awesome 2019!

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