7 Awesome Benefits Of Being A Digital Marketer

If you’ve ever wondered whether digital marketing makes for a great career, then you’re at the right place. If you’re looking for awesome benefits of being a digital marketer, then you’re definitely on the right page.

With all the recent changes that’s been taking place, one that’s been most prominent is the effect of tech on our lives. Digital marketing is one such industry that’s riding the tech wave, and what was once a neglected area is now a necessity.

More and more, digital marketing is turning into a sensible career path. And if you’re fresh out of school looking for a direction, know that there are many more career paths today than just accounting and engineering.

But what is digital marketing?

So what exactly does a digital marketer do? Well, it’s a pretty long list, so let’s just skim the surface here. For starters, your job might involve Search Engine Optimization, where you try to rank highly on search engines such as Google. Then there’s Social Media Marketing, where you literally get paid to browse Facebook or Twitter (seriously). Content Marketing is another great niche within digital marketing which involves writing articles or shooting videos.

And that’s just the beginning! Interested yet?

Let’s take it one step further. Let’s say you land one of these jobs. What makes it a great career, especially when you have so many to choose from? Just read on and find out! Ladies and gentlemen, I present you, 7 benefits of being a digital marketer.

1. Know what you’re doing right (or wrong)

There’s so much data available to the digital marketer it’s not even funny. Want to know which countries your audience is browsing from? What about their age range? What are their interests? How much time did they spend on your site? Which button did they click?

As a digital marketer, not only will you learn how to harness the power of data, you’ll also be able to make educated decisions based off it. You’ll be able to justify every action you take, and it’s a skill that will carry you far in life.

2. Future-proof

I remember the days when social media was just that — social media. It was a place you could share photos and maybe come across the odd banner ad. During Facebook’s younger years, most companies never even thought of it as a means of marketing. Today, businesses both large and small utilize its sophisticated marketing system, and that’s just one site.

Being a digital marketer means staying on top of all these platforms, and when your career involves keeping up with technology, you’ll find that your skills will always be relevant, far into the future. As a digital marketer, you’ll never ever be left behind.

3. Usable anytime, anywhere

What if it’s been 5 years, and you realize that your true calling lies in other vocations? Or what if you love digital marketing, but just can’t stand the industry that you’re in? Sounds like something that might happen to you? Don’t fret.

First of all, digital marketing is so broad that you’ll be able to find vastly different careers within the industry itself. You can be anything from a data analyst to a videographer, and you’ll still be under the wide umbrella of digital marketing.

But what if you decide to study something like medicine one day? Would that mean leaving everything you know behind? Quick answer: no. If anything, you’ll have the ability to promote your medical services and get a leg up over the other doctors who didn’t pick up digital marketing.

4. Accessible to all personality types

If you’ve ever avoided an activity because you deemed yourself not artistic or logical enough, you can rest assured that you won’t be doing the same in digital marketing. That’s because the industry requires talents of all types, and no matter where you belong on the spectrum, there’s always something you can excel at.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer researching keywords to determine trends, or if you like thinking outside the box to come up with attractive ad campaigns — digital marketing is for everybody. The best part? Everything is learnable, so you don’t have to rely on your predisposition.

5. Highly sought after

A study by McKinley Marketing Partners in 2017 showed a high demand for digital marketers, and this positive hiring outlook was also highlighted in salary guides by Robert Walters and The Creative Group.

And technology hasn’t even fully integrated into every part of our lives yet. Imagine what’ll happen when more industries start getting into tech, or when the Internet of Things takes off. There’ll be more work than the market can provide. Imagine having employers queuing up for your skills!

6. Work from anywhere

And we arrive at one of the most popular benefits of being a digital marketer. Like coding, one of the biggest draws for a career in digital marketing lies in its potential to becoming a remote gig. If you’re not one for the 9 to 5, then going down this path would be the way to go.

With enough experience under your belt, you’ll be able to command a sizeable income without needing to clock-in at the office. In fact, who needs clocks when you can set your own hours? The downside is that you might have to work harder to find and keep clients. But for some people, that’s part of the thrill.

7. Strike out on your own

There might come a day when you decide to strike out on your own. Perhaps your side-gig selling cookies ends up raking in more dough (heh) than your day job. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of being an entrepreneur. Either way, you can feel secure knowing that digital marketing provides the best bang for your buck, and is much more accessible to SMEs compared to traditional media.

Seeking a job as a digital marketer?

If you’re fresh out of school and have no idea which career path to take, you could give digital marketing a go. It has a positive outlook, and it’s great for younger talents who are in tune with technology.

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