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Details Last Updated: 11 June 2020

What is CISC?

CISC was developed to make compiler development easier and simpler. The full form of CISC is Complex Instruction Set Computer. They are chips that are easy to program that makes efficient use of memory.

CISC eliminates the need for generating machine instructions to the processor. For example, instead of having to make a compiler, write lengthy machine instructions to calculate a square-root distance, a CISC processor offers a built-in ability to do this.

Many of the early computing machines were programmed in assembly language. Computer memory was slow and expensive. CISC was commonly implemented in such large computers, such as the PDP-11 and the DEC system.

In this tutorial, you will learn:

What is RISC?

RISC is designed to perform a smaller number of types of computer instruction. Hence, it can operate at a higher speed. The full form of RISC is Reduced Instruction Set Computers. It is a microprocessor that is designed to perform smaller number of computer instruction so that it can operate at a higher speed.

RISC instruction sets hold less than 100 instructions and use a fixed instruction format. This method uses a few simple addressing modes that use a register-based instruction. In this compiler development mechanism, LOAD/STORE is the only individual instructions for accessing memory.

Characteristics of CISC

Here, are important characteristics Of CISC

One instruction is needed to support multiple addressing modes.

Characteristics of RISC

Here, are an important characteristic of RICS:

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