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In the world of Facebook marketing, getting the best ROI can be challenging. Given the nature of Facebook’s recent algorithm changes that make your ads easy to ignore and skip altogether (especially those that appear in the news feed); the need to grab the user’s attention at the right time and right place becomes ever more pressing. Another thing to note is that unlike Google Ads, Facebook Ads do not appear the same across all devices, and have to be therefore calibrated for the specific device(s) that you are targeting. The key is to utilize the various Facebook Ad Formats and leverage all the different Ad Placements that Facebook offers, in order to maximize your returns for every dollar spent on Facebook Ads. A good combination of the right Ad Format, with the right Ad Placement should be your goal.

Facebook Ad Formats | Social Media Marketing Training

When it comes to creating your ad, there are currently four different formats to choose from. Selecting the right one for your respective goals, and optimizing each element, is the key to driving conversions and maximizing ROI.

1. Single Image Ad

The Single Image Ad is one of the oldest ad formats available on Facebook. In recent years, more focus and attention has been invested in video, which has led many advertisers away from the static image format. However, if your Facebook strategy is focused on driving more traffic, selling a flagship product, or retargeting past customers; single image ads can be a great investment of your time and money, especially if you know how to utilize catchy CTAs.

2. Single Video Ad

Almost every placement within the Facebook Ad Manager now supports video ads. Recently, Facebook has even released new video watching experiences such as IGTV and Facebook Watch, all signalling the continued rise of video as the most important medium on their platforms. With up to 60 seconds on the Facebook and Instagram Feed, and 15 seconds on Instagram stories, videos can demonstrate a product’s value and highlight multiple reasons to buy, all within a single ad. Video ads are especially useful when you are keen on brand building, prospecting for more (and the type) of customers, and in specific cases such as product demonstrations.

3. Carousel Ad

A Carousel Ad can contain multiple images, videos, or a combination of both, which makes it a useful “in-between” ad format. This is important if your product requires more than just one image to demonstrate its value, but you don’t have the means to produce a long-form video ad. A type of carousel ad called, Dynamic Product Ads, uses the behaviours and interests of Facebook users to show them relevant products from your Facebook Product Catalogue in a carousel. This is great for prospecting new customers.

4. Collection Ad

The Collection Ad is the newest format available and it holds a lot of potential for ecommerce brands with its ability to pair a Product Catalogue with an engaging video. A Collection Ad can also feature a variety of elements, including another new addition called Instant Experiences. If your products would gain value from your brand’s story, a collection ad can help you to increase brand awareness with a combination of a long-form video that is attached to a product catalogue that when clicked, directs users to the appropriate landing page for lead conversion.

Choosing the Right Ad Placement

Besides choosing the right type of ad, it is also important to make sure that it reaches the right audience and is specifically catered to the right device. An image or video that is perfect for a user’s Facebook newsfeed on their desktop may not necessarily be so when viewed on a mobile device for example. In order to understand the right placement, we need to take a closer look at the different ad placement options on Facebook.

Facebook’s 3 Major Ad Placements

1. Desktop News Feed: This is the most visible but also as a result, the most competitive and expensive ad placement option available on Facebook. Since you have more room to place a unique image or video ad and write a longer copy, the chances of lead conversion are much better. However, merely building brand awareness may not be the best idea if done through this medium.

2. Desktop Right Column: The ads displayed on the right column of the desktop can have the advantage of being permanently stationed (in certain instances) on the right hand column of a user’s Facebook page while they browse through their newsfeed. They are cheaper than news feed ads, and are a great way to retarget already existing customers. On the other hand, its smaller size makes it stand out less and hence, it may be harder to put the most compelling content in this ad placement.

3. Mobile: With the growth of mobile users accessing social media, it becomes increasingly important to target users through this medium. Due to the rapid growth in smartphone users, Social Media access has become mobile cantered. Mobile is also now a medium where many users discover social media for the first time. Hence, it makes sense to utilize mobile ads for successful brand building and discovery purposes above all. Small and new businesses can get a real boost if they successfully leverage mobile ads.

Takeaway – A Solid Facebook Ad Strategy Makes All the Difference | Social Media Marketing Training

Given the huge reach that Facebook Ads has a marketing platform (after Google Ads), it becomes immediately clear that leveraging Facebook Ads for Social Media Marketing is a must. Using a creative mix of the right ad format with the appropriate ad placement can give you a much needed boost over your competitors. Given the aspect of social media virality, it is no wonder that Facebook Ads targeted to the right audience, with the right formats can become a great asset towards achieving brand building and lead conversion goals even beyond the immediate audience being targeted.

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