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Tutoring is a process to match the learning style of a learner with the learning subject. Learning expedite when it matches. Learning is a happy, enjoyable process always when you meet with a right person.

Get a right one and your learning journey will change.

Tutoring Approach

Tailor made process which matches with a learner learning method is the best process. It is not limited to books only. It includes a lot of different methodologies.

Learning is a life process. Let’s enjoy it.

I have taught English to children right up to adults and have very good language and interpersonal skills. My aim is for all my students to master the language. I am currently pursuing my Doctorate in Education.

PhD Student [Phd In Accounting…

PhD Student [Phd In Accounting], Chartered Accountant, MBA [Finance] ACMA, CGMA [CIMA], LLB, CFP, MAICSA, CTIM

Offer lectures for professional exams (ACCA, MICPA, CPA-Australia, ICAEW, CIMA), college and university students in accounting and finance papers. Tutor provides own notes. Complete with exam-style past years’ questions to prepare students for their examinations. 

Tutoring Approach

Face-to-face: Students are given lectures first before attempting real exam questions. Interested students, please e-mail me your syllabus. However, in some circumstances where we don’t have the benefit of time, tutorials / past exam questions will be used. 

Online: Besides WhatsApp, Skype, etc, we can use Go-To-Meeting platform, too. I will send you a Link to connect, this mode is useful for students outside Klang Valley

With over 17 years of teaching practice, I have gained tremendous knowledge and skills of teaching from students. My work settings include private home tuition, individual and group classes in tuition centers as well as corporate environment for academic and business objectives. Student profile consists of school teenagers, adults, business owners and housewives. Courses include: Academic English, Business English and Mandarin

Tutoring Approach

Active learning is the core system practiced in my class through interaction and it has proven to be successful. It captures the learners’ attention and their interest levels. Course syllabus is designed to meet individual need and requirement ranging from academic to business world. Class is conducted either as individual or group structure upon student’s requirement.

She is very friendly, flexible, and knows my requirement and expose my daughter to English conversations.

Posted by: Rosziyan Rekam

Colin is a friendly and patient tutor. He is very easy to talk to and more like a friend to me than a tutor. We always concentrate on areas that I’m not that good and confident with. He is very punctual too.

Posted by: Jamie San

Teacher Colin has been teaching my dad so many vocabularies those are useful in his daily routine. He can teach according to the student’s standard and demand of the student.

Posted by: Chui Vivian

Unlike other tutors, he corrected my mistakes directly without hesitation. In addition he taught me how to present myself in English confidently. Lastly, I felt beneficial in terms of pronunciation and intonation in English speaking.

Posted by: Koay

I am taking IELTS lessons from Colin.
He is very friendly, easy to communicate with. He is very punctual. He provides tailored classes, suited to each individual needs.
He also provides extra services such as advice outside of class and extra study materials.
Colin identifies individual troubles, and target them patiently.
Fingers cross that I can score for my IELTS test this time.

Posted by: Mae

I like how he is punctual and very well prepared for his class. The IELTS preparation class was very helpful.

Posted by: Alis Nur Shafeeza

He is a teacher with good skills of teaching, friendly nature, good sense of humor, patient and easygoing.

Posted by: Aixin

Colin has helped me in my preparation for the IELTS exams, especially in the critical thinking part of the written exam. He is creative as well as concise with his thoughts for the essays and a great person to bounce ideas off. My lessons were customized for my requirements and I would not hesitate to recommend Colin for IELTS preparation.

Posted by: Meisimt

I’m learning Chinese – Mandarin from him. He is very friendly and informative and I am actually learning and able to use it too. If you tell him what you want to learn or do, he will adjust the class for you. I recommend him to any beginner level students

Posted by: Brian Jo

Colin is a great trainer! He has helped me a lot in IELTS preparation by continuously giving me important tips and tricks on how to score best results in the exam. I would strongly recommend him as a very good teacher!

Posted by: Piotr

I had taken IELTS class with Colin. He was one of the best teachers that I ever had. He was very patient and informative. His classes were very interesting for me. He is funny but at the same time serious in his approach. It was a very nice experience and I really appreciate the effort given by him.

Posted by: Tarlan Jaafarpour

Colin has helped me grow personally and academically. He was able to accommodate and guide me during my training under him and I appreciate every opportunity. I was under him. Thank you for opening my eyes on how to develop my English further. Looking forward to catching up with you soon.

Posted by: Daud

Colin has helped me to focus on my weaknesses when I seek his helped in improving my English. He not only focus on my main issues but also my habits in addressing my English. Thank you for your guidance, advise and your patience in helping me to achieve my goals.

Posted by: Daud

Colin has helped my friend and me on academic IELTS preparation. He is a friend rather than a teacher so we really enjoyed the class. He takes his teaching seriously and indeed a patient person. Other than helping us on the test preparation, he also showed us the resources online for learning English. Thank you for the class and guidance.

Posted by: Winnie

Colin is currently teaching my brother & me Mandarin. He is indeed a very dedicated and passionate tutor. He is always punctual, has his materials prepared beforehand and is very efficient. He also encourages his students to ask questions and to speak more with confidence. Apart from that, he is also very patient.

Posted by: Izreen Imran

Collin is very attentive and delivers his teaching material in a clear and concise manner. I believe I have progressed much from my lessons with him.

Posted by: Kishen

He is a very good tutor. He points out many small mistakes which usually you don’t realize. Highly recommended.

Posted by: Ken Ang

He is precisely teaching according to your requirements. Punctual and really interesting person.
I took 3 IELTS sessions from him especially targeting a higher band score and I learnt extremely valuable techniques for writing and speaking. Highly recommended.

Posted by: Pathum

HIGHEST QUALIFICATION: Degree in ManagemeNt & Economics (Honours) Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) TEACHING EXPERIENCE: 8 years+ teaching experience in IGCSE, SPM and A LEVELS syllabus. Subject area of expertise includes Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics, Business Studies & Economics. Coming from a management and economics academic background enabled me to provide students an unique learning experiences in these subjects.

Tutoring Approach

WHAT YOU WILL GET: A very structured lesson tailored to best match with the school syllabus and the student’s ability to grasp and understand. Aside from regular tuition lessons, tests will be given as well to assess the student’s understanding thus far. LESSON FORMAT: Standard 2 hours per session will be held. The lesson will be comprised of a quick recap of previous lesson, follow up of homework, teaching of new lesson and review of any course works given from the school. Students are at all times encouraged to ask questions to establish a two-way communication for better learning experience. TESTIMONIAL: Accumulated more than 5000 hours of teaching experience has enabled me to deliver quality lessons over time. Passing rate of students in core subjects i.e. Maths, Add Maths, Business Studies, Economics & Accounting is 100% from all my ex-students and over 75% scored A and A* in their finals. SLOGAN: No student is incompetent, every student can excel in their exams if they are guided and well prepared from start. Follow my method, rest assured on the results.

She explains entire syllabus in easy ways. She is very patient, friendly and helpful.She is a very good tutor indeed.

Posted by: Poondickhoe

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Teaching experience of 5 years in Accounting and Management subjects. Qualifications Taught includes O & A Levels, Diploma, Bachelors, and Masters.

Tutoring Approach

Teaching in a deep explainable manner with maximum possible real life and understandable examples. I believe to teach student with my maximum potential so He/she gets maximum possible marks with full knowledge of it.

Knowlegeable, well-presented, well-prepared and accommodating

Posted by: Aadil Jeena

Specialist’s degree, PhD stude…

Polish-Russian translator and teacher over 7 years of experience. I have been teaching polish language in Ukraine, include private teaching centres and online courses.

Tutoring Approach

My responsibilities included: classes of Polish language, compilation
of individual teaching methods of the foreign language, development of examination tests and training materials to prepare students for entry to higher education establishments. Planning of annual timetable, open lessons, assistance in organization of competitions and festive events.

Very sensual, nice, sweet woman.

Sunway University, Subang, Malaysia as Part-time Accounting lecturer from 2012 tills 2014 -University of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as Part-time Accounting lecturer 2013 till 2014 – Freelance lecturer for Accounting Subjects till 2015, Advisor at Empire Inc.Holdings, Singapore as Training Manager for Accounting ,till now

Tutoring Approach

Employ differentiated teaching methods, incorporating, audio and visual activities to address all learning styles. – Provide individualized instruction to keep all students at expected skill level. -Committed to innovation of college level teaching and learning and to challenge students to be knowledgeable by promoting critical thinking skills. – Meet with parents to discuss progress and address behavior or mastery issues. – Develop discipline plans and work closely with at-risk students.

Nadhirah is an alumni of Uni of Malaya & Uni of Bielefeld, majoring Teaching German as a Foreign Language. During her study & working years, she’s received multiple awards and scored scholarships for study & courses in Uni of Dundee & Worcester College, Uni of Oxford. She is now German Lecturer @ INTEC Education College & Information Officer @ DAAD Malaysia. She has solid training in pedagogical methods and German language, along with great energy & enthusiasm.

Tutoring Approach

Besides being charismatic and creative, she thinks outside the box. She has shown excellent classroom management skills and developed a rapport with students, colleagues, and parents that is characterized by mutual respect. Her commitment to lifelong learning will empower to growth and students’ well being.

Her lesson is well-planned. It’s going to be updated and made based on students’ needs as she focuses on student-centered learning.

Learning language should not b bring hence EDUTAINMENT is her main approach while making sure the students understand and enjoy the lesson.

  • Area: Bukit Jalil, Puchong, Serdang, Seri, Kajang
  • Teaches: MS Access, SQL, Multimedia, Computer Basics, MS Office, Life…

Microsoft Certified Trainer with MCAS & ITILv3, PSMB certified Trainer, HR&OD certified

– Sharing knowledge for more than 8 years – Did commercial application development for 3 years

Tutoring Approach

Different level different skills, listening to wanted and expected with right attitude gives advantage to lift people up in various walks of life.

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Shantini Nadarajah, has worked in various industries such as; Legal, Manufacturing, Marketing, Fashion Retailing, E-Commerce Network Marketing, Food & Beverage and Business Process Outsourcing over the last 27 years. Her rich experience, skills and training has taken her abroad to many countries and has given her a unique insight into cross cultural people management, deeper understanding of emotional intelligence, organizational dynamics including an appreciation of multi-cultural work environment. She has worked, coached and consulted under various positions specializing in the set-up of International Business Operations, leading change and growth under Human Resources Planning & Management, Training, Learning & Development, Customer Relationship Engagement, Business Development, Local & International Operations Management, Corporate Governance and Quality Management. She is a good communicator in people and a passionate international motivational speaker in business, personal development and management topics especially in the grooming of emerging business leaders and also future women leaders.    

Tutoring Approach

As an effective trainer and an enthusiastic workshop leader, Shantini is familiar with the typical challenges that professionals face in their workplace. As a high-energy and creative facilitator, she has a strong interest in developing and coaching the upcoming younger generation in guiding them through engaging and breakthrough learning opportunities. She has a people focused mind-set which makes her consultative and a democratic leader who is fun, energetic and respectful.

Tutoring Approach

Depends on student’s syllabus 

Italian Language Lesson
Duration : 1h 1/2 to 2h ( suggested )
Lesson Frequency : at least 2 times week (suggested)

Focus is on listening and speaking.
Since lesson 1 and in the following lessons, you will be given words and sentences you can start using with me. By learning and practising immediately with this pool of words and sentences, you will be able to quickly become familiar with sounds and patterns of the Italian language and it will be quick and easy for you to expand your knowledge to a larger vocabulary.
Will teach you grammar, but minimally. This way you will follow the natural approach of learning a language : as children, in fact, when we do not need grammar but we learn to speak anyway by listening continuously
At the end of each lesson, around 5-10 minutes will be spent reviewing what has been done.   to learn


I started tutoring students when I was 20. I did this activity for 5 years and tutored 50 students (10 students a year) I am a Management Consultant in a BIG-4 firm I possess an MBA degree Strengths: 1. Quantitative aptitude (Mathematics) I scored 100 marks in Math 2. Critical thinking 3. Articulation and Presentation.

Tutoring Approach

Firstly, I do not consider myself as tutor, I see myself as a facilitator of knowledge. My tutoring technique is A-B-C-D: 1. Acknowledge student’s background 2. Build on the students knowledge 3. Connect with student’s personal experience 4. Demonstrate with examples.

I have studied and worked in numerous fields, in engineering, management, education and coaching.

Tutoring Approach

I work as a professional trainer and Management consultant at Saint Andrews Institute, based in KLCC.
My approach is to empower you, to motivate you, to explain in easy words what seems difficult, to guide you to become more self-directed.
My priority is to help you improve your communication skills.


More Than 25 Years of Teaching Experience

LLB (Hons.) from London….

I have the University of London (external) degree and have been tutoring/helping  UK/Wales Law degree transfer programme students with their work/assignments.I can also teach the core University of London (external) programme subjects. I also teach Cambridge and Edexcel A Levels Law.I have proven results and have written my own revision books

Tutoring Approach

I have a collection of my own ,notes textbooks, ebooks and past year questions and have a vast teaching experience.

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Been actively coaching on communication for the past 10 years.

Tutoring Approach

For Japanese Language, will be using a structured approach whereby on top of using a pre determined text book, the lesson will anchor on conversation to ensure sufficient practice.

For Communication, depending on level of student, the lesson will be designed to focus on working on the foundations of communications as well as encouraging practice.

I have teaching in International global and I have completed MBA from USA, PGDFM, worked Engineering field so far in USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific. Skills – Business Strategy, Manaement consulting, Economics, Business subjects, resume writing, Digital marketing, IT.

Tutoring Approach

1. Undestand the turor needs

2. Conduct a current state study – This is to obtain the level of current level of undestanding of the subject with the candidate

3. Prepare a high level course structure and obtain alignment with the candidate

4. Prepare a road map plan and conduct training at a mutually agreeable time and place

I am a Cambridge advanced certificate holder and have 12 years of teaching experience. I specialise in offering Sales training. I also conduct English language classes.

Tutoring Approach

1-I plan my lesson depending on the student’s level but I make sure about the benefit of teaching so I foucs on writing, reading, listening and speaking in all my classes.

Degree in Marketing and Manage…

I have completed my education of BBA in Marketing and Management (Dual Major, USA). I have experience in teaching basic math and English Language to the UNHCR refugees’ kids in Pudu.  I was a Senior Sales and Marketing Executive at Madame Waffle. I am also horned with Marketing, Management and Operational skills cum with practical theories to support. I was a Account Executive at Linde Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Tutoring Approach

Identify student’s needs.
Identify student’s learning style.
Tailoring teaching approach to students.
Patience and encouragement to all students.
Encourage students to think out of the box.
Confidence Building.

Chartered Institute of Cost an…

My Linkedin profile: my.linkedin.com/in/johnloke   I am trained in cost and management accounting since 1979 with strong basic in bookkeeping from prepare all accounts documents-cash petty cash voucher,check payment voucher,sales,purchase invoice listing,journal writing,maintaining of General Ledger,Cash Book. Expert in bank loan application proposal,cash flow projection,know exactly what banker look for in a loan application or investor pitching proposal and bank loan restructure.

Tutoring Approach

I will personally guide my student to a level that the student be able to handle what he wish to learn in a practical manner in real working world.Close online mentoring and support all through the working day of the student is also available just in case the working adult student need to prepare work assignment fast and do not know enough how to do the piece of work or to answer the highly tough questions often asked by bosses,bankers, and investors.

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Visual Effects & Concept Design (Currently in 2nd year of Degree)

As I was a very active and passionate student back then, I have won several championships ranging from English debate & speech to art-related competitions like drawing and designing, but not only that, I enjoy teaching it to others as well. I was awarded as Indonesia�s top 15 Best Speaker in 2016 and a trainer to my school’s debate society in Indonesia for a year before I moved to Malaysia to pursue my degree. I also did freelance drawing commissions.

Tutoring Approach

As someone who loves joining competitions and collected tens of trophies throughout the years, I know how to motivate others to constantly improve so that they can be good, but I’ve also experienced a lot to also know how to cheer people when they’re down just like how I felt so that they’re not stressed. I think having a not-so-big age gap with my students will also help me to be more relatable and understandable by them. I also teach with a passion for the skill, not just a mere job – thus I’ll make sure that the students enjoy their own improvement. Having extra skills in life will always come in handy, and I also want others to experience that.

My style is all bout finding the learning needs of my students, I will first get to you my potential student then we can discuss further areas we can focus or work on. I am very flexible and I am very open to helping you in other areas of your life.

Tutoring Approach

My techniques is proven as I have been teaching & training in a University setting for almost 5 years.

Master’s Degree in Management related field (UK); TEFL Certificate (UK); Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management (Switzerland); Degree in Music (USA)

I have been in the field of academia for three years and have extensive tutoring experience for more than 8 years across various subjects.

Tutoring Approach

I use a tailored methodology to ensure that the student’s needs are addressed appropriately. I fully adapt to the student’s temperament and interests and tailor the lesson content to make it engaging, relatable and relevant.

Master in Translation (English, Spanish French) (Belgium). Master in Peace and Conflict Studies (England/Germany). Received Certificate from Alliance Francaise for teaching French. I have taught French for one year in Brussels and English for half a year in Nepal I taught English in Portugal as well.

Tutoring Approach

I am young, I am a traveller, I have a great experience in multiculturalism for having lived in many different countries (Ireland, England, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Nepal, Malaysia). In all these countries I had to learn the local language. Needless to say that I have developed (for myself) great techniques to learn languages from understanding culture to learning grammar. Learning a language is not about learning a set of grammatical rules and list of vocabulary, learning a language is about transcending yourself and complexify your own identity by acquiring new facets. Learning a language is learning about difference and make it your normality. That is what I teach, building one’s identity through learning a new language. During my classes, I use real materials that French people read, listen to or watch everyday. From an active work on the materials, I invite my students to make hypothesis on the specifics of the text/song (vocabulary, grammar, context, cultural elements) and work on communication. During my classes I tried to speak the least and let my students practice what they have learnt. I am open-minded, positive and naturally optimistic, which help build trust between my students and I.

I had been teaching Chinese students from Mainland China during my studies in the UK; preparing them IELTS exams and pre-u before entering the university in the UK. I had strong English Accent and able to teach people pronounce in English Accent. Also I am a senior recruiter consultant now working in UK company based in Kuala Lumpur at the moment, able to coach on successfully apply jobs across the world and locally.

Tutoring Approach

Most important thing I believe that a teacher should be friendly to the students. So that there will be an easy and not so formal relationship between teacher and students. And in this way students can also discuss their problems and needs with teacher and they will have more interest in the subject.

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