Coming up on Live with Search Engine Land: Special three day series on SEO for developers

On July 22 to 24, Search Engine Land contributing editor, Detlef Johnson, will host a series of 90-minute educational sessions tackling developer communications and SEO-friendly coding in our livestreamed SEO for Developers series.

Watch live coding demonstrations, get your questions answered by the experts and engage with other SEOs and developers over the three days.

As Google’s search algorithm updates continue to make old-school optimization less impactful, and tools like CMS plugins and SEO platforms are handling more, SEOs need to advance their knowledge about the technical aspects of optimization. And as developers continue to create innovative apps and interactive experiences online, there is a need for that community to know how to do that work in ways that are SEO-friendly.

SEO for Developers is where those communities come together.

In addition to Detlef, the guests will include:

The discussions will take place live at 1 p.m. EST each day. If you would like to join the event register here.

Speakers will be addressing audience questions in addition to presenting and live coding. We’ll post the recordings from the series for on-demand viewing on the Search Engine Land YouTube channel.

We hope this series of live discussions, presentations, tutorials and meetups will help everyone stay sharp and up to date on tactics and best practices. If you have an idea for a session or would like to join a panel, email kbushman@thirddoormedia.com or pitch an idea here.

Watch the latest session of Live with Search Engine Land here.

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