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Welcome to March! Or as we are calling it Church Website Builder Month.

Generally speaking, there are 3 ways to build a church website:

Option number 1, hiring a church website developer, is a great option if you have the budget for it, want something custom designed, don’t have much experience building websites, and/or don’t have the time to do it yourself.

Option number 2, building your website yourself from scratch, can be appealing if you want complete control over how your website looks and all of its functionality. But be forewarned, if you’ve never done it before it takes a lot of time, effort and research. That’s because it involves the following steps:

And all of that is even before you have created your first web page.

Then once your website is built, you have to frequently check for updates to keep your website running smoothly and prevent it from getting hacked. If the developers abandon any of the plugins you’re using you have to find new ones and replace them. So, there’s a lot of ongoing maintenance.

Why use a church website builder?

Option number 3, using a church website builder, is a great option for churches that have a limited budget, limited technical experience, and limited time.

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Using a church website builder will save you 12-24 hours just in setup time compared to building a website from scratch. Additionally, the company providing the church website builder, manages all the software, keeps it secure and takes care of all the updates.

5 Church Website Builder Tips and Tools

1) Church Website Builder.  If you want a new church website and have the time to do it yourself, our WP-EZ Church Website Builder is easy to use, affordable and designed specifically for churches.  No need to install WordPress, buy a theme, or install dozens of plugins. WP-EZ does all of that for you.

2) Update Your Church Website Theme.  If your website looks a little dated or you just want to change things up, one way to do that is to switch to a new website theme.  If you built your website within the last 2 years or have already migrated to WP-EZ 2.0, switching themes takes just a few clicks.  If you built your website more than 2 years ago with our original WP-EZ Website Builder (or 5+ years ago with our NE1 Website Builder), we strongly encourage you to switch themes and migrate to WP-EZ 2.0.  Your new website will look and function sooooo much better!

3) Video Tutorial Library.  Have you already built your website with our WP-EZ Website Builder and want to make it even better?  We have an extensive library of web builder video tutorials for our original WP-EZ Website Builder as well as WP-EZ 2.0

4) Ultimate Guild to Church Website Photos. The biggest problems we see with church websites has to do with photos – lack of photos, blurry photos, improperly sized photos, and more. Use the Ultimate Guide to Church Website Photos to improve your website.

5) Help Us Help You.  Share your thoughts on church website design in this month’s Listening Post.

Bonus: More church website builder tips!

All month long we’ll be blogging our best church website builder tips and adding links these articles below.

Comment and discuss… What questions, issues and challenges regarding church web builders do you have? Post a comment so we can help you with them.

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By submitting this form, I give OurChurch.Com permission to send me communication by email.

By submitting this form, I give OurChurch.Com permission to send me communication by email.

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