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Actor and blogger Chuckie Dreyfus has issued an official statement regarding their support for fellow actor John Regala who recently surfaced as not doing OK health-wise.

Credits: Chuckie Dreyfus on Facebook

Apparently, the actor is working together with Nadia Montenegro and Aster Amoyo to take care of Regala’s needs but it looks like they are moving on due to some complications and problems that arise from the gesture.

Here’s what Chuckie posted on his Facebook account:

And while they are formally moving away from supporting their friend and fellow actor, they wished him well towards his recovery. Regala’s name went viral through a video showing him in distress which got everybody’s attention a few weeks ago.

Photo: Carlo Marti Clariza/Facebook Source: Facebook Read more: https://kami.com.ph/117187-john-regala-viral-video-slurred-speech-asking-help.html

Just five days ago, he came out of the hospital after getting the necessary treatments he needed. He also went viral a few days before that when a touching moment with his son was shared online.

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