Chrome DevTools for SEO: 7 Brilliant Ways to Audit a Webpage

Note: There are two slides above

Network waterfall is one of the very crucial things you can do in Google Chrome Browser DevTools while performing audits or analyzing a web page for performance.

In the network waterfall it shows how much time a particular resource is taking to load. This is a go to way to identify the culprits that making your website a tortoise.

Perhaps you installed a plugin to gain a certain functionality for your website, let’s say you wanted a pop up subscription form; but how do you know if that plugin is dragging down the website speed? You can see how long the script is taking to load.

In fact, you can A/B test among many plugins to find the one that does the job & loads faster.

In the second slide, the script that I have selected is of Hellobar actually, 10 seconds is just the stall time for that which is huge and now I know what I need to do.

In the above example, I performed the network waterfall for JavaScript there are options for image, CSS, Fonts, Media and more. You can individually see for each.

How to do this?

a. Open DevTools

c. Reload the page

d. See the waterfall taking shape and resource getting loaded

e. See the insights on each resource

As an SEO you need to take special care of Javascript SEO.

Not paying attention to JavaScript SEO is like filling the bucket with water and becoming aware later that there was a hole in it which was causing a leakage preventing you from accomplishing your task.

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