Bulk Domain Availability Checker – Find Expired Domains for Your SEO Campaigns

Bulk Domain Availability Checker – Check Availability Status of Thousands of Domains in One Go

The perfect domain name is half the digital marketing battle won. The problem, of course, is that you end
up wasting several hours in searching for domain names, and even then don’t find what you truly need. The
result – you make a compromise.

Not anymore, because our free Bulk Domain Availability Checker will search for 20,000 domains in less
than 30 seconds (no kidding). This is the one and only bulk domain name search ninja you’d been waiting

Buy Authority Domains That Are Back in The Marketplace

Of course, there’s another reason to buy a domain name. When a domain owner doesn’t renew his/her
registration, the domain becomes available for sale, and with it comes its domain authority, and its
reputation. It’s easy enough to generate lists of thousands of potential domain names you’d want to buy,
but checking whether each of them is available – that’s a nightmare.

With our Bulk Domain Authority Checker, this problem is solved forever.

The Easiest, The Fastest, The Sleekest Bulk Domain Availability Checker

Why get lost in the mess of Excel sheets, or pay a virtual assistant for checking domain name
availability? Even if you wish to scour through tens of thousands of domain names, our tool will do it for
you in a jiffy, and for free.

Just enter your list of domain names (without http or https). You can enter up to 20,000 domain names per
batch. The tool supports as many as 45 TLDs, so don’t hold back in your searches – the larger the

Once done, click on Check Availability Status. Within a few seconds, you’ll get a comprehensive report of
all the available domain names.

You can use the Export CSV button on top to take an extract of the data in a CSV file for offline

Click on Register Now, and the tool will take you to GoDaddy’s domain registration page, where you can
buy it.

Why Choose Bulk Domain Availability Checker by Rankz?

There’s every reason to love this tool, because:

We told you – it’s the ultimate bulk domain name availability checking ninja!

That’s right, all the hassle out of choosing and buying the ideal domain name vanishes into thin air with
our Bulk Domain Availability Checker. Try it out today, and you won’t ever have to use any other tool for
searching domain name availability.

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