Blazing SEO Proxies Review 2020 – is it Best Cost Effective Proxy Provider

Are you planning to try you hands on Blazing SEO proxies?

Well, if so we’re here to provide an insider’s  view into Blazing SEO proxies so that you get to make the right choice. 

In today’s world, proxies have become an integral part of our network system to keep it protected from lurking eyes. Cyber Crimes have taken a spike, and the people are still unaware of the capabilities of a proxy server.

A proxy server not only provides you a safe and untraced path to your website but also at the same time allows you to scrape data from the internet even if you are restricted to that region.

But finding the right proxy might be a complicated task for you and might end up putting you in a puzzle. Don’t worry, and I am here to assist you in your Proxy shopping. I will share my experience with the Blazing SEO proxies to neutralize all your queries about it.

In this article, we provide you with an in-depth review of Blazing SEO, which includes detailed insights such as key features & benefits, setup, dashboard walkthrough, pricing, customer support, pros & cons and so on. By the time you read this article, you would be fully aware of Blazing and its fantastic service.

Read on the know, whether Blazing SEO is the most reliable shot to take or should you look elsewhere. 

Blazing SEO Proxies Review: In a Nutshell

Blazing SEO is one of the notable proxies that is grown in the market swiftly. With the peculiarities it provides from rotating residential proxies to 24/7/365 customer support, Blazing SEO has got you embraced and gave you all the characteristics of a high-end proxy so that your experience is not interrupted. 

The plans of Blazing SEO are so customizable and so well constructed that one can easily choose which method he needs to go for. With the two days, money-back guarantee you can easily use the Blazing proxy to its most significant level, and still, if you even don’t like the services of the Blazing proxy, you can request a refund within two days. Blazing is available with an uptime of 99.99% and provides you a  fast speed of 1GB per second.

Key Features & Benefits Of Blazing SEO Proxies

Blazing proxies are some of the rapidly budding proxies in the proxy market. Many Web developers, Web Scrapers, Social media managers have chosen Blazing Proxies to be their first choice because of the value proposition it delivers to its customer. Below we have mentioned some of the critical features of Blazing proxies that make it stand out from other proxies in the market:

How does Blazing SEO  Proxies work?

In a computer network, the primary task of proxy server application or an appliance is to act as an intermediary between you and the web source. The proxy server is the mediator between you and the web source makes a request for you from the source by making you anonymous and masking your IP.

This is precisely what Blazing SEO does. It becomes a barrier or filter between your internal network and the Web server’s external network. Blazing SEO impersonates an authentic IP from a pool of numerous IPs. It makes requests for you by giving you access to your desired website and maintaining your network’s safety.

This is only a part of Blazing SEO’s functionality. It does more than just making an anonymous request for you and masking your IP. Instead, it acts as a firewall/web filter, provides shared network connections, and maintains a cache data to maximize your browning speed.

Proxies allow you to give you seclusion and authorize you to change your location and as well as IP address. An ideal proxy server keeps you, and your internal LAN protected from data and security breaks, and Blazing SEO fits to be a perfect Proxy. Lastly, Blazing SEO is to give you privacy.

Blazing SEO Proxies Performance Test:

To examine the capabilities of Blazing SEO, we ran a few tests to see how good it is. To be honest, the results we got were astonishing.

We then compared the test outcomes with the conventional test scripts, and we came down to the conclusion that Blazing SEO is not less than any other premium proxies. It didn’t have any blemish during the tests and was always giving it’s best in every parameter. 

For the test, we used two packages, namely USA rotating and USA Dedicated. Breaking down the test results, I have mentioned everything in detail.

How To Get Started With Blazing SEO?

The Registration Process.

To get started with Blazing, SEO is a straightforward task. One can get started with Blazing after considering these simple steps to become a legitimate user of Blazing. To avail this fantastic proxy you have to go along with me:

Once the payment is made, you are going to be landed on your dashboard where you can enjoy Blazing with the blaze. 

Setup Guide.

Setting up these proxies is a hassle-free task and can be performed in a fraction of time. Once you have landed on Blazing’s official page, select your desired proxy, and make your payment.

Once done with the payment, you will be redirected to Blazing’s dashboard where you can navigate yourself through the entire proxy system. You can log in to your proxy by entering Username: pass or whitelisting your IP.

Once all the steps are done you can immediately select your IP and start enjoying the services.

The dashboard of Blazing.

How To Log Into Client Area

Blazing has always been appending features on its dashboard to make it more convenient for its users. The panel is so descriptive that it can determine the entire state of your proxy at one glance. The functionalities that Blazing dashboard provides are:

One thing that we like about Blazing is that If your proxies are running low, you can use a feature called ‘Proxy Tester.’ The tester allows you to test your proxy. You just have to enter your E-mail and Key (key would be provided). After logging in, it will let you know if your proxies are working okay.

The Proxies Offered By Blazing SEO

As we have already discussed, the Key features and benefits of blazing SEO. It is time to deeply introspect every principal value of Blazing that contributes to its constant growth and gives it an uplift in the market.

Blazing offers you with distinct kind of proxies, namely:

The feature that Blazing SEO provides is non-negotiable and so convenient for any kind of task on the internet. Blazing has always been appending elements for the betterment of its services for its client. Below we are briefly describing all the features of your better understanding.

Why Should Choose Blazing SEO Proxies?

Is Blazing SEO Proxies Secure?

When it comes to ‘Security,’ Blazing has left no spaces blank for it. Blazing has made sure that all the three core principles of Information Security are being fulfilled. The intent behind that is Blazing has Rotating proxies that mean your IP address will be replaced every 5 minutes, and in that manner, IP cannot be outlined, and no hacker can breach into your system.

As well as you cannot be caught from any website as the web server won’t be able to trace down the number of requests you make and also your session timings, so, in this fashion, you can surf as much as you want without being flagged or banned.

Does Blazing Seo Offer Free Trial?

Being the best proxy provider, it is one of Blazing’s vital value propositions that it contributes a 2-days paid trial. You can test and try Blazing on all terrains for a maximum span of 2-days, and if you are not satisfied with the aids it delivers, you can demand a refund within 2-days. Unfortunately, Blazing does not provide Free trials.

I am sure that you won’t be discouraged with Blazing because they are masterminded to deliver quality, and even if you face any challenge. You can connect to Blazing with its customer support team that is available 24/7/365 for your assistance. 

Plans and Pricing.

It would be an outrage for Blazing Proxy if I would not address its prices and plans. Even though providing the best service and feature, Blazing has its price non-negotiable. With all the security, Customer Support, and all kinds of Proxies, one cannot criticize its price. I have done a tear-down of the plans and their pricing for your help.

Blazing offers proxy services at four different tenures that are :

The most affordable and pocket-friendly plan would be a 12 Month plan because of the discount you are earning.

Does Blazing SEO Proxies Offer Refund?

There is no refund after trial, for lack of usage or disappointment with the proxy provided services. However, if you consider you are qualified for a refund due to a unique event, you may submit a refund application to the customer’s assistance team.

Though you can request a refund from Blazing if you are not convinced with Blazing’s services, the Blazing Customer support team is super active and will do the needful for you.

Blazing SEO Customer Support

The support staff of Blazing is phenomenal. They have a clarification for all your needs. Blazing has hired expert technicians for your support, which are available 24/7/365 around the cloak. 

You can communicate with them by sending them a mail to the technicians, and you can also read the blogs and reports that have been addressed by the developers themselves so that they can bridge the gap of the customer to the developer. 

You can also follow Blazing on their social media handles and visit their Youtube channel to get acquainted with their latest plans, offers, and updates on their systems.

The staff of Blazing is amazingly fast and responsive, and the answers they provide to our queries are valid. At the same time, they also escort us patiently during the entire process. They also volunteer tips and tricks at the same time so that our experience can be improved while using Blazing.

Apps and Supported device.

While the development of Blazing was going on, designers made sure that Blazing was platform-independent. Any platform used on it operates perfectly fine without any constraints.

All types of applications and operating systems are approved by Blazing, even if it is Linux, Windows, or Mac. 

Is Blazing SEO legit?

Keep in mind that there are some occurrences where the application of the Proxy is judged illegal. For example, some websites serve content to the public who have paid the license expense only. If you do not pay the license expense and attempt to access it, it would be reflected illegally.

But with Blazing SEO, you are not only paying the exact toll of the Proxy but also becoming a lawful user to obtain the web site’s content that demands a license fee, and you are bypassing yourself from being forbidden and flagged or tracked down by any web server. 

Therefore we can surely endorse Blazing SEO to be completely legit and authorized to use on any website or web server. 



The Final Verdict: 

After perusing this article, we conclude that Blazing is the best premium proxy in the market that provides you all the features that a premium proxy provides. You not only have Shared and dedicated proxies but also Rotating Proxies providing you a protected tunnel to your website. The customer support team, the 2-days Paid trails, and high-speed performance are just flawless and non-negotiable at this price point.

You can buy Blazing SEO proxies  without any uncertainty as I have used it and still use it in my firm, and Blazing has never let me rethink my decision. I will suggest you go forward to make your investment as it will be the best decision for you that you will never regret.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. What’s your thought about Blazing SEO proxies? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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