Best SEO Practices For Your Website

Algorithms is a process of calculation or problem-solving operation based on conducting a sequence of specified actions. A search engine algorithm takes search strings of keywords as input and searches its database for relevant web pages, and results.

It is to be kept in mind that there is not just one algorithm. There are plethora of algorithms working together. While, there are a lot of algorithms working in group, there is always a lead algorithm leading them.

In Google algorithms, we too have a number of algorithms who work together to get the desired result. Two of them are: 

Panda, which assist Google in judging, filtering, penalizing and rewarding content based on specific characteristics.

Penguin, which judge links and address spam there. Penguin generally needs data from other algorithms that are responsible for valuing links.

Task-specific algorithms

And, algorithms responsible for the collection of all the data and putting it into a context that produces the desired result.

How do Search Algorithms work?

Now, we will discuss how search algorithms work.

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