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Ranking higher in the SERP has been a consistent challenge that big businesses are fighting for. Yet, come to think of it, there is no single strategy to be the cream of the lot! What might work for the competitor might not work for you!

Ranking your business at the top might be a tedious task, if it is not well-planned from the scratch. 

Now, more than 39.5% websites are built with WordPress CMS. This article explores some of the best techniques & plugins, that you need to apply on your WordPress site to grow your organic traffic.

1. Use the SEO plugins for Content Optimization:


Yoast is the best WordPress SEO plugin to optimize your page for search engines. It allows to input focus keywords, meta description, SEO title and check your whole content’s readability and SEO scores.

As, it displays the error too, you can correct them and make them perfect. What makes Yoast super impressive is that it comes along with great features with zero added costs to WordPress.

Rank Math:

Another plugin alternative to Yoast SEO is Rank Math. Relatively it’s a new plugin but its popularity is growing exponentially.

Some great features are available in Rank Math those are not available in the free version of Yoast.

You can get schema markup features, internal link suggestion, redirect manager with the free version of rank math.

Except these two there are some other SEO plugins like “all in one SEO”, “The SEO Framework”. You can try them all and pick the suitable one for you.

A default permalink is never a friendly one! Well, it might not just strike the audience to remember your post.

 Instead, while you write in WordPress, a friendly permalink can be generated, which can help the users to reach your webpage sooner.

Having the keyword in URL still has an impact on ranking. We recommend to set the URL like www.yourwebsite.com/post-title.

3. Keyword is the kingmaker:

Content without the keyword might just not find the right readers. It is often difficult for the web crawlers to search and display through the right content and ranking them on SERP.

The right keyword density is important though. Too high keyword density might cause problems in ranking the website. A density of 0.5 is considered to be an ideal one!

It is when the focus keywords, that you can push into your content, and develop a rocking positioning, using the Yoast SEO.

4. Making the title tags more interesting:

When it comes to the CTR, more than 20% is what the growth is observed, and the maximum credit goes to exciting titles.

Having the perfect title tag can enhance the attention of the readers as well. But, placing the focus keyword at the start of the title is not working out in 2021.

Rather, making a 65-character quirky title can help your post gain a bigger audience in the longer run. 

5. Making the right meta descriptions:

While it might be tempting to leave the meta description, we suggest you have a smacking meta description. It not only helps in giving the snippet of your article but grabs the attention by telling what’s there in your page!

A 155–160-character summary, describing what your work is all about can be the best way to grab the attention of your audience!

6. Selecting between www and a non-www domain:

It might come off as a surprise when it comes to the selection of the www or non-www domain, there is not much of a difference though. But, selecting a www domain gives you the benefit of following a standard. It might also give the benefit in terms of DNS records.

 Well, if you are looking for a non-www domain, always use shorter URLs. 

7. Optimize your images:

If your content is not ranking well, still you can get a percentage of traffic from image search. So, your page’s images need to rank. A well optimized image has a good chance of ranking. By default, you will get three chances to optimize an Image in WordPress. Image alt text, title and image description are the three fields you need to fill up for a well optimized image.

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