Are SEMRush SEO Tools for Bloggers Worth the Money?

There are several free and paid SEO Tools for bloggers on the market.  Why should you spend money on paid  SEO Tools for Bloggers like SEMRush, when there are so many free SEO tools available?  If you’re new to blogging, it is recommended to choose free SEO tools and save your money. . The features available in free SEO tools are generally sufficient for new bloggers, but are limited.  The advanced features on most SEO tools are locked in the free version and are only available to paid customers.

As you become an experienced blogger, and you require more sophisticated SEO tools for keyword research and planning; backlink analysis; content marketing; and competition traffic analysis, you will want to look at the best paid SEO Tool.

Are Free or Paid SEO Tools for Bloggers Worth the Money?

For  several years Keywords research tools were free.  You were able to do all of your keyword searches  on search engines, like Google Keyword Planner, without spending a dime.  Paid keyword search tools were reserved for people needing advanced analytics or for those doing Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing, who bid on target keywords.  Google Keyword Planner gives you a monthly search range for the keyword, but not the actual monthly searches.

Ubersuggest filled that void by giving you monthly searches for your target keyword.  Those days are long gone.  Now you get 5 free keyword searches per day.  Other free keyword research tools now offer a limited number of keyword searches per pay, or they offer a free trial for specific period of time, usually 14 days or 30 days.  Once you reach the limit, you must choose the paid version of the SEO tool for bloggers to continue using the keyword research Tool.

For new bloggers this will be sufficient.  Experienced bloggers may find this too limiting if they require several keyword searches per day.   In this case, they may need a paid keyword research tool.   SEMRush is more than just a keyword research tool.  They offers a popular suite of SEO Tools for Bloggers.

SEMRush Suite of SEO Tools for Bloggers starts at $99 per month.  I thought $99 was expensive until I found their leading competitor is $149 per month, and does not offer the level of service SEMRush does.  They offer a complete suite of paid SEO tools for bloggers, not just a keyword search tool.

What SEO Tools for Bloggers does SEMRush Offer

Why You Need a Keyword Research Tool

One of the most important SEO tools for bloggers is the keyword research tool.  A keyword search tool helps you find the keyword phrases that people key into the search engines when researching a topic for an an article, to answer your reader’s question or solve their problems.

You can find several high quality and low competition keywords with this vital SEO tools for bloggers.  The Keyword Magic keyword search tool uses your target keyword to uncover popular keyword phrases, also known as long tail keywords.  This will ensure you are using the best SEO strategy to drive traffic and sales to your pages.

In addition to uncovering the keyword search volume, you will find out the Pay-per-click (PPC) bid range.  Even if you don’t bid on keywords, the higher the bid amount in an indication of the keyword’s potential popularity to drive traffic to your pages.

In many instances a popular target keyword is too competitive for someone to rank for, without requiring a massive amount of content or spending a large amount of money to successfully bid for the keyword.  You should be trying to rank for long tail keyword phrases that includes the target keyword you ate trying to rank for. In this case, a long tail keyword phrase includes the target target keyword, but is easier to rank for, and when used in an article can appear as a natural link.

When you click a keyword, the search tool drills down and gives you more keyword phrases that people searched for over the last 30 days.   You also get the monthly search volumes, so you can choose the most popular keywords with the lowest competition, this will ensure you can rank in the SERPS for your target keyword phrase.

Domain Research Tool

An important SEO tool for bloggers is the domain research tool.  You need to know how your blog compares to the competition.  How does your site rank against your competition?  To successfully compete with your competition, you need to know the keywords your competition is ranking for?

By spying into your competitors website analytics, you can discover the keywords your key competitors are  ranking for.  With this vital piece of information, you can target the best keywords your competitors are ranking for, and add these keywords to your content to boost your ranking and competitiveness in the SERPs, to increase clicks, engagement and ultimately sales.

Are you writing engaging content compared to your competition?  With the SEO Writing Tool, you will learn how to improve the quality of your content, enhance keyword density and use the best ALT Tags that the search engines are hungry for to improve your overall SEO score.

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