ANTIC launches search engine for title agents and lenders

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The FHA 203k loan program provides home buyers the opportunity to buy and fix up a property, without exhausting their personal savings.

Agents National Title Insurance Company (ANTIC) has launched a tool that equips artificial intelligence and machine learning to expedite the loan underwriting and closing process.

The new tool, REalSearch, is an automated title-data search and decision engine that delivers both traditional and non-traditional property data sources in real time. According to ANTIC, REalSearch can also be integrated with a traditional title production platform and is backed by Agents National Title Insurance underwriting guidelines – enabling title agents to close transactions faster and with less title clearance.

“REalSearch will revolutionize the way title agents operate. It gives them the tools to compete at the highest levels,” ANTIC President David Townsend said. “They will have technology at their fingertips that will create unprecedented efficiencies.”

“REalSearch is designed to deliver title products that aren’t just fast, they’re done right,” said Todd Mendiola, chief operations officer of ANTIC. “Whether you are a lender looking to dramatically impact your loan lifecycle or an agent needing to find workflow efficiencies, REalSearch and ANTIC are here to support you.”

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