Angela Geno-Stumme, SEO Marketing, Web Design|1-800-996-9689

FireSpike LLC SEO Marketing Web Design Angela BioAngela found interest in web design while at college when she and a friend decided to learn HTML to create their own website—for fun! After obtaining her degree from Luther College in 2003, she went on to work at multiple newspapers as Classifieds Manager, Managing Editor, and Editor. She expanded her skills in graphic design, photography, journalism, editing, writing, blogging, marketing, sales, web design, and much more.

With FireSpike LLC Angela uses her many talents to help clients with the sometimes frustrating world of SEO marketing and web design. She has completed the Google Adwords certification to further FireSpike’s services in marketing.

Angela explores her interests in art and literature in her free time. She has moved from 35mm photography to digital, thus making photography easier when you don’t have to move a darkroom with you! Angela also enjoys crafting and sewing projects of her own design—for the enjoyment of her daughter and multiple nieces and nephews. She continues to read and write fantasy and science fiction literature, which she became intrigued with at an early age. Web design also continues to be an interest that combines many of Angela’s talents, and her past experience in HTML continues to come in handy. Angela lives in Des Moines, Iowa with her family since 2011.

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