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Hi all, I am excited to share that Microsoft have made NVv4 VM now general available in US South Central and Europe West regions.

I have been testing the NVv4 in Azure US South Central and West Europe for some months and performance is simply amazing. I am very excited Azure finally have GPU-P in production now and customers can benefits of having SR-IOV lowering the bar of enabling your virtual machine instance in Azure with GPU capability.

Customers who are doing EUC such as Microsoft WVD/RDS, Citrix CVAD, VMware Horizon, Nutanix XIframe, Parallels RAS, Teradici can now benefit of these new GPU instances in Azure. I highly recommend doing a POC to see benefit of these instance.

I will in this blogpost cover what is the new NVv4 instance and how to choose an instance and install and what the price is.

Enjoy /Thomas Poppelgaard

The NVv4-series virtual machines are powered by AMD Radeon Instinct MI25 GPUs and AMD EPYC 7V12(Rome) CPUs. With NVv4-series Azure is introducing virtual machines with partial GPUs. Pick the right sized virtual machine for GPU accelerated graphics applications and virtual desktops starting at 1/8th of a GPU with 2 GiB frame buffer to a full GPU with 16 GiB frame buffer. NVv4 virtual machines currently support only Windows guest operating system.

NVv4 Virtual Machines support up to 32 vCPUs, 112GB of RAM, and 16 GB of GPU memory.

With AMD hardware-based GPU virtualization solution built on top of AMD MxGPU and industry standard SR-IOV technology, customers can securely run workloads on virtual GPUs with dedicated GPU frame buffer.

Overview which NVv4 instance type you can provisioning in Azure

Size vCPU Memory: GiB Temp storage (SSD) GiB GPU GPU memory: GiB Max data disks Max NICs
Standard_NV4as_v4 4 14 88 1/8 2 4 2
Standard_NV8as_v4 8 28 176 1/4 4 8 4
Standard_NV16as_v4 16 56 352 1/2 8 16 8
Standard_NV32as_v4 32 112 704 1 16 32

1 NVv4-series VMs feature AMD Simultaneous…

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