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In today’s topic, we will discuss Amazon Seo, in this, I will help to rank higher and fully optimize your Amazon Listing which can directly impact your sales.

Many sellers don’t know that there is a proper SEO for Amazon also like we do for Google. In Amazon, it has an A9 algorithm, and to rank higher we need to crack that.

There are a lot of misconceptions in the market about the Amazon Seo and how it works. 

So today, we will break all misconceptions and optimize your Amazon content to its full value.

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What is Amazon Seo?

Amazon search engine optimization (Amazon Seo) is the process to optimize your product listings to rank higher in Amazon search for related keywords. Optimization is necessary. Without optimization, there are very fewer chances to get sales because there is huge competition so, by optimization we will make it easier for Amazon to provide our listings higher on search.

Optimizations involve:

So going deep, let’s discuss Amazon’s A9 algorithm.

What is the Amazon A9 algorithm, and it’s working?

A9 is an algorithm that provides ranking to the products based on the relevance of the search query of a user.

This happens with the keyword relevance. If a user searches “water bottle” and your title doesn’t have this keyword in your title then most probably your product will not appear in the SERP of Amazon.

That’s why keyword optimization is a big deal to do.

The next factor Amazon checks are how well your products are performing in your past data. For this, it checks:-

To improve your CTR and conversions, sales, and ranking there are many tactics to perform, so for that keep reading this article to learn how to optimize your Amazon product listings and increase your Amazon SEO ranking.

How to find the right keywords for Amazon your product listing:-

As you know, for Google optimization we need to do keyword research so as well as we need to keyword research for Amazon Seo also. You can use keyword tools like merchant words or Helium 10 tools. These tools literally give you a boost If you are new to Amazon and want to grow fast.

These tools can also provide details about your competitor rankings.

After some time when you get some data from your products, you can then use Amazon PPC for more optimizations.

How to optimize your Amazon product listings:-

Without paid promotions of your brand, there is no guarantee that your product will show up in a particular place on an Amazon search result page.

To gain more exposure, you should make the most out of your Amazon product listing and SEO presence with Amazon Brand Registry. This program allows you to get more exposure for those who manufacture or sell their own products.

The best way to optimize your listings is to imagine yourself as a customer and then from that perspective, optimize your listings.

Most shoppers search for products, so we need to optimize our product listing fully, their title and description also to get in front of the right customer at the right moment.

According to Amazon ” you can increase your visibility by just adding one additional search term- if it’s relevant and compiling term.”

Other factors such as prices, availability, history, etc will help us to grow more in SERP. And the most common factor, the more you get sales, the more you will get exposure.

What makes a great Amazon product listing?

The product with all the possible information that makes that listing detailed, trustworthy, and up to the expectation of the customer in order to make a buying decision.

You must need to be accurate and correct with your details. Customers should know what they are buying.

Some important component of a perfect detailed listing includes:-

How to optimize Amazon product titles:-

Amazon product title qualifications for character length must meet this:-

What to include in Amazon product titles:-

What not to include in Amazon product titles:-

within character limitations, you should not include:

How to optimize titles with keywords:-

We need to add main keywords to our product title, but please make note that- don’t stuff them.

Products with clear titles and specific details are more likely to get clicks and sales. This increases your click-through rate and increases your rankings.

Since titles are the first source that consumers get, so it is very crucial and they should follow Amazon’s style guidelines.

How to optimize Amazon product features and descriptions:-

Product features are the second most important thing on Amazon SEO and to optimize for search rankings.

Amazon shoppers need to gather the most accurate information and assign them to key points. The more descriptive the bullet points are, the more you will sell on Amazon. After this, you will rank higher.

Best practices for key product features:-

Best practices for product description:

Product descriptions are some paragraphs long and detailed and require some light Html. If you are selling products in Amazon categories regulates, make sure you are following every term and requirements otherwise your listings might get down for using the wrong terms.

Your description should contain every single detail of your product with all accurate information like features, size, dimensions, instructions, etc.

Do not include these in the description:-

Try using HTML to do the proper splitting of paragraphs and bold important points.

How to optimize Amazon product images:

Every Amazon product needs more than 1 image. The main image is called the “MAIN” image. This is the first image that is shown to the customer and in SERP.

According to Amazon, advertisers should contain an image that is very descriptive about their product, easy to understand, and clear. The image should represent the product very clearly without any sort of disturbances.

Amazon Seo product image best practices:


While spending more and more hours optimizing titles and listing, I recommend you to focus on your top sellers. You will not only see better results, but you will also find that you learn more about what your customer wants from you and you can apply that information or knowledge to your listings.

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