7 Walmart SEO Tips for 2021 to Nail Your Product Listings

Perry owns a small business and wants to expand his reach with his products. He decided to sell his products on Walmart Marketplace to help increase sales. After a few months of listing his products on Walmart’s site, he only earns a few sales — what is Perry doing wrong?

Well, if Perry isn’t following search engine optimization (SEO) best practices for Walmart, his products may fail to rank in search results.

If you’re in the same boat as Perry, don’t worry! We’ve got seven Walmart SEO tips for 2021 to help you improve your listings and get them ranking.

Those tips include:

  1. Have a concise and clear product title
  2. Highlight the best benefits in your product shelf description
  3. Use high-quality images
  4. Keep your pricing competitive
  5. Only choose relevant product attributes
  6. Encourage reviews from customers

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Walmart SEO tip #1: Have a concise and clear product title

When you optimize your product listings for Walmart, you want to ensure that each listing has a concise and clear product title. Shoppers will look at your product title to determine if your listing is relevant to their needs.

You don’t want to stuff your title with too many descriptions or keywords. People won’t take the time to read it and have difficulty trying to differentiate important information from the fluff.

Instead, opt for a concise and readable, but descriptive, title. You can follow a formula like this one:

[Brand name] + [defining quality] + [item name] + [style] + [pack count]

You don’t have to follow this formula precisely (except putting your brand name first), but it gives you an idea of the type of information you should include in your title.

You may need to change the title’s order to make it flow better or add additional information that’s valuable to your audience. Generally, though, you’ll want to include the core information from the formula as it applies to your product.

When you craft your product title, you’ll also want to ensure that you use your core keyword in your title. It helps customers, and Walmart, determine the relevancy of your listing.

Walmart SEO tip #2: Highlight the best benefits in your product shelf description

Next on our list of Walmart SEO tips for 2021 involves creating your product shelf description. The product shelf description is the bulleted list shoppers see when looking at your product’s listing details.

With your product shelf description, you want to list the advantages of your product. It’s an excellent place for you to highlight your product’s great features that will entice your audience to buy.

Take this example from Wombat Reserve and their listing for the Shark IQ Robot vacuum:

As you can see by their description, they highlight numerous great features of the product they’re selling. They highlight features like being pet friendly, controlling the vacuum with your voice or phone, and automatic recharging and resuming of cleaning.

When you look at this product shelf description, you’ll notice that the company highlights the benefits that appeal to customers. It isn’t framed as “We have the best vacuum products,” but instead highlights the features that matter to their customers.

As you craft your product shelf description, think about what benefits matter most to your audience. You can focus on three to five critical benefits. Be mindful that you don’t repeat details or benefits.

Additionally, make sure you use your keywords in your feature description. It can help your product appear in more relevant product searches.

Walmart SEO tip #3: Write an optimal product description that sells your audience

The feature section of your product listings for Walmart is broken down into two pieces: The product shelf description and the product description. We’ve looked at the product shelf description, so next in our SEO tips for Walmart will look at the product description.

The product description of your listing is the informative paragraph that appears above your shelf description.

This section is where you can highlight the features of your products, as well as the benefits.

Use this example from Dirt Devil as inspiration for your product description.

In their product description, you can see they highlight features like the vacuum being lightweight, bagless, and having a cleaning hose that can reach in small spaces. It also highlights benefits like working on both carpet and hard floors and being a low-maintenance vacuum.

To help you write this description, use the elevator pitch method.

The elevator pitch method works like this: You’re in an elevator with a customer, and they want to buy your product, but you only have until they get to their floor (about 30 seconds) to sell them on it. In that 30 seconds, you want to tell them about your product and why they’ll want to buy it.

So, imagine your Walmart product description is an elevator pitch, and you need to sell your product to your customers as fast and as informative as possible. Using this method will help you write a description that omits fluff and provides more notable details to convince shoppers to buy.

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Walmart SEO tip #4: Use high-quality images

One of the most critical Walmart SEO tips for 2021 is to use high-quality images for your listing. Your pictures are the first thing your audience sees when they find your listing in search results.

When you choose your product images, select ones that are:

  • High resolution
  • Clear
  • Captured in well-lit conditions
  • Focused on your product

Using images with a white background that highlights your product is highly recommended as they give your audience a clear view of your product. You can, however, include additional photos of your product in use in an appropriate setting.

If your product listing includes multiple colors, you’ll want to include a photo of each color option.

By adding high-quality images to your listing, you’ll entice more people to click on your listings and check out your products.

Walmart SEO tip #5: Keep your pricing competitive

If you want to rank in Walmart product search, you must keep your pricing competitive. If your pricing isn’t competitive with other sellers, you’ll struggle to sell on Walmart Marketplace.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to look at the other products in your category and see what companies charge for them to ensure you’re at the right price point. You can use this to determine whether your price is too high for your product category.

When you’re looking at other products’ pricing, make sure you’re looking at items that are comparable to the one you’re selling.

For example, if you search “cordless vacuums,” you’re going to see a mixture of results.

In this case, if you’re selling a stick vacuum cleaner, it wouldn’t be fair to compare your pricing to the handheld vacuums. You would want to focus on the product that’s most like your product.

When looking at the prices for cordless vacuums, you can see that most stick vacuums fall around $150+, while the handheld vacuums hover around $40+.

Based on this information, you could determine if you’re at a competitive price point for your item. It’s a great way to ensure your pricing stays competitive with other Marketplace sellers.

Walmart SEO tip #6: Only choose relevant product attributes

As you’re jotting down your list of Walmart SEO tips for 2021, don’t forget to add choosing relevant product attributes to your list. Product attributes are fundamental for helping shoppers find your product listings.

Whenever users search Walmart, they can narrow down the results by choosing attributes related to what they want. These attributes range from color to size to the number of pieces.

You want to ensure that you choose attributes that help relevant leads find your product listing.

So, for example, if you’re selling a gray bath sheet set with four towels, you might choose attributes like “gray,” “solid,” and “set of 4” to help shoppers find your product when they refine their search results.

When you choose your attributes, make sure you don’t overload your listing with them. Stick to essential features that describe your product and help shoppers find it in search results.

Walmart SEO tip #7: Encourage reviews from customers

Last on our list of SEO tips for Walmart Marketplace is to encourage reviews from customers. Reviews play a fundamental role in helping you improve your ranking in Walmart’s search results.

If more customers are buying your products and leaving reviews, it encourages future customers to buy your products.

A few weeks after a customer purchases your item, Walmart will automatically send them an email inviting them to review your product and company. Buyers can also go into their account and select the item to leave a review.

When you ask for reviews, be sure to spend time responding to reviews when you get them. If someone leaves a positive review, take time to acknowledge the review and thank them for leaving it. In the case of negative reviews, be ready to solve problems for your customers.

By being active with your reviews, you show customers that you’re listening and willing to solve any problems they face. It makes prospects feel confident in purchasing your product.

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