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Wanted to be stay updated with the latest SEO trends? Today in this post i am sharing some top best seo news sites to be updated with the latest trends in SEO World.

Best SEO News Sites

Reading these seo news blogs is much better than doing any SEO Course online. SEO is changing everyday, if you are active on twitter then you would know everyday Google test changes in their algorithm and any SEO course is not enough.

If you would spend 15 minutes a day reading seo updates you will gain more knowledge if you are a SEO or working as a SEO consultant.

Without wasting your time lets get into the article, below mentioned SEO news sites are authority sites that everyone in the marketing industry follows.

1. Search Engine journal

Search Engine Journal is one of the most famous and authority news website in SEO industry founded on 11th June 2003 by Loren Baker who also runs a digital marketing strategy & development agency i.e foundation digital.

You can get all SEO news update on SEJ, it is home ground for every SEO if they want to learn what Google has tweaked this week.

According to SimilarWeb tool SEJ gets over 3 million visitors every single month. SEJ drives Major traffic from USA, India, UK, Canada.

Search Engine Journal is earning revenue from showing Adsense ads, sponsorships, SEJeSummits, ebooks, Webinars, SEJ Merch, Job boards.

2. Search Engine Watch

One of the top SEO news site. SEW was founded in June 1997 by Danny Sullivan as an extension of “A Webmaster’s Guide to Search Engines”. Search Engine Watch is the Hub for SEO & PPC breaking news, resources.

According to Similarweb SEW gets 500K+ monthly traffic from all over the globe, out of which 71.20% is organic traffic. They have recently started writing about tech by the name Tech talks that they are covering on their sister brand ClickZ.

3. Think with Google

With Think with Google APAC you can get content from experts and analysts based on the regions. You can know research about consumer insights, marketing strategies, future of marketing, search, apps & mobile.

Thinkwithgoogle also provides you to subscribe to their newsletter for instant sharing of researched resource into your inbox.

4. SEO Book

Best SEO resource website offering tools and strategies founded on 3rd January 2013, Athens, Greece by Aaron Wall.

5. Search Engine Roundtable

Your one stop for all SEO news on single platform Founded by Barry Schwartz in 2003. SearchEngine Roundtable get 500K+ monthly visitors on the site. Some of you might be thinking about the website design? why its so boring and basic?

I asked same question with my friends they said, it may be the load timing or they might don’t have time to revamp the website design. Well it is one of the best website to get seo news updates on daily basis.

6. The Moz Blog

Quite famous website in SEO world. People take Moz tool and Domain authority more seriously. Moz was founded in 2004 by Rand Fishkin & Gillian Muessig.

They provide quality resources on SEO & updates related to SEO news. Earlier it was know as SEOMoz news site.

Moz website drives over more than 3 million monthly visitors from all over the world. They make money by selling their Moz SEO tool under the name Moz pro. Also providing 30 days Moz Pro trail for free to acquire new subscribers to the platform.

You can also have free access to their articles that are yet free and you can learn alot insider strategies about search engines & SEO.

7. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is one of the top SEO news website. Covering all regular updates in SEO industry. SearchEngineland was founded in 2006 by Danny Sullivan, Chris Sherman.

They get over 1 million monthly user on their website and making revenue by Google Adsense, SMX events and sponsored posts.

Guys these were the best seo new websites you should bookmark today. If you liked this post then you can share it with your friends and help us get more visibility.

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