6 Important Tips For SEO Bloggers

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If you are running any kind of online business, then you already know how crucial it is to have SEO working in your favor rather than against you. SEO is a dynamic field and can be frustrating, especially if you are still using old tactics. That’s why you should be updated and well informed.

Web search requires you to rank well, as most people will not go beyond the third page. SEO will generate traffic, help your blog to rank higher, and can be lucrative when implemented appropriately. In this article, we will cover important tips for SEO bloggers, to help optimize blog posts like a professional.

· Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential for blog optimization. If you want to be on top of the search results, you must find out which words your audience search. Find out exactly what your audience is looking for, these keywords will guide you on the choice of words to use in your text. Once you have relevant keywords, it’s important to have them in places where they will have a high impact for search engine crawlers.

Be careful not to stuff your keywords(the act of repeating them over and over), just a few well-placed keywords will do the magic. Don’t use too many keywords!

· Have a Compelling Blog Title

The title of your blog is very important in search rankings. A good title motivates the readers to click on your article when they find it in search results. It doesn’t matter if you rank on top and no one clicks through your content. To get readers into choosing yours over the rest, you must have an effective title and a compelling meta description. Here is a quick guide:

  1. i) Have keywords in the title
  2. ii) Include power words- they add emotional impact

iii) Maintain the truncation limit of 50-60 characters

  1. iv) Use tested formulas

Having the basics will put you ahead of the game. Get a simple title and believe in your strategy.

· Make your blog easy to read

Simplicity and readability are important factors considered by search engines. Articles that are easy to read rank high, also your article should prove that it deserves a place up there. This can be achieved by making sure that your blog post covers everything readers want to see.

Readers take a short time to decide whether to read an article or not, which means you have less than 30 seconds to convince them to stay or leave. Use short sentences, proper punctuation, bullet points, and headings to improve readability.

· Internal links

Internal links not only keep readers on your site but also enhance your performance. Internal links are only useful once you have enough content that you want readers to read. With this, you can have new readers to check your older posts. Having internal links help readers to have a better understanding of your blog.

Internal linking is a wonderful way to develop a conventional relationship between old and new blog posts. It will also make your blog post stronger because you show some authority on the subject. You can also go back to edit old posts to link it with recent ones for optimum results. Quality links are valuable assets for any site looking to rank higher in search engines.

· Write unique and comprehensive blog posts

Search engines go hand in hand with articles that cover a specific topic in detail. Don’t copy content from other blogs, every post should be unique. Cover keywords in your post to make it comprehensive and relevant. Finally, add content regularly, but don’t write for the sake of posting, write high-quality informative content that meets people’s needs.

· Monitor and Evaluate results

Once you have everything in place, its now time to get insight and study results. It’s advisable to install google analytics, provided you have it installed properly you can track quite a number of things:

  1. i) The number of people who read your blog post
  2. ii) The number of likes and shares

iii) leads generated

  1. iv) New sign-ups and many more.

Running a website is more than content and keywords. You need to be smart with your SEO system. SEO can be puzzling. By following these simple tips you will increase your traffic and get a higher conversion rate.

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