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In recent weeks, I’ve been researching podcasts to get a better idea of what’s out there, and what benefit they can offer for marketing professionals. In my listening, I’ve sought to be mindful to cover as much of the business spectrum as I could —how to scale, pitch, fund, and market a business.

And since I’ve come across so many fantastic options, I decided to put together a post dedicated solely to some of the best social media and marketing podcasts out there.

From Instagram to Pinterest, these are the podcasts for social platforms you need to download and listen to next.

1. Hashtag Authentic

Hosted by: Sara Tasker

What’s it about? Instagram expert Sara Tasker wants to help you succeed in the online marketing space – however, she’s not going to tell you how to fit into an existing mold. Tasker’s podcast focuses on growth that’s true to who you are and your aesthetic. Each week, Hashtag Authentic features interviews with influential creatives on topics less frequently touched on in other podcasts, like ‘going raw’ in IG Stories and how color psychology ties in with branding.

Which episode should I listen to first? ‘Creating irresistible imaginative Instagram imagery, with Dasha Pears’. Pears, a photographer and art director, reveals how burnout led her to pursue photography. She also provides insight into how to avoid comparisons to other IG accounts, and why the most effective imagery is uncertain and surprising.

2. Manly Pinterest Tips

Hosted by: Jeff Sieh

What’s it about? Billed as “adding testosterone one pin at a time,” Manly Pinterest Tips is for dudes that are on a quest to pinning success. Each episode is stylized to feel like a blockbuster Hollywood film, filled with actionable tips, interviews, and information from start to finish about… Pinterest. Sieh wants to help men find the content they’re looking for on Pinterest, and is a pro at getting through the smoky eye tutorials and wedding dresses to better understand using promoted pins and engaging your following.

Which episode should I listen to first? ‘How To Be Creative Consistently’. This minisode answers a question Sieh received on a forum about how to be creative consistently. Sieh lists out his top five tactics, from mind dumps (sounds weird but it works) to scheduling downtime (without TV included), that help him think up new ideas and bring them to life.

3. Perpetual Traffic

Hosted by: Ralph Burns and Molly Pittman

What’s it about? Perpetual Traffic is perfectly titled, putting the focus on how to grow a business using paid traffic. Simple, to the point, and not all that frequently covered in the marketing podcast space.

Which episode should I listen to first? ‘Why Facebook Traffic Is NOT Your Problem’. Guest Tanner Larson joins co-host Ralph in this episode, which offers up tips for how to increase revenue without more site traffic. Huh? Facebook ads may help accelerate site traffic, but there Larson and Burns reveal why it matters to drop the front end focus to find more ways to earn traffic and grow a business.

4. The Social Media Pubcast

Hosted by: Jon Loomer

What’s it about? Host and self-described “accidental marketer,” Jon Loomer invites digital marketing’s biggest experts to join him for a pint and plenty of conversation in The Social Media Pubcast. At the Pub, the drinks are cool and the chats are even cooler, covering everything from Facebook ads to what it means to be relevant in social media.

Which episode should I listen to first? ‘How I Write A Blog Post’. What do I write about and how do I do it? Even the most influential bloggers ask themselves this question from time to time. Loomer provides a step-by-step guide to how he blogs, the value of feedback in the creative process, and how to take the guesswork out of the introduction for a blog post.

5. Marketing Over Coffee

Hosted by: John Wall and Christopher Penn

What’s it about? From the pub to the coffee shop, hosts John Wall and Christopher Penn chat over coffee each week about what’s new in marketing. Anyone in this space can tell you firsthand that it moves pretty fast, but Marketing Over Coffee may move even faster. The pair do a great job at keeping their audience up to speed, with episodes packed with plenty of noteworthy news, covering everything from Dreamforce conferences to Super Bowl advertising.

Which episode should I listen to first? ,Fearing Taylor Swift,. Yes, that’s actually the episode’s title. No, it’s not about being afraid of Taylor Swift. A hodgepodge of topics are covered here including the celebration of Singles Day, going incognito online, and attempting to figure out how the bot network works. All in a day’s (well, more like an hour in the online space) work.

There are plenty more business podcasts worth your time, but these five are the ones I found the most valuable. Check them out if you’re looking for some extra inspiration and insight in 2019.

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