5 SEO Tips For SaaS-Based Companies For The Year 2021 – Jain Technosoft

If you’re a company operating in the SaaS industry, your business certainly thrives on digital marketing to acquire new customers, which means constant SEO efforts are more than just important for you! After all, the success of your SaaS business depends on getting potential customers and re-emphasizing your unique services to them, which can hardly be brought about without some stern SEO measures.

But remember, SEO for SaaS companies is a lot different that what is required by other types of businesses. That’s because the sales cycle in SaaS business is faster, making it difficult to be able to nurture potential customers. SaaS lead generation is also a big issue here. But, if you take the right steps in the right direction, you should be able to smell the fruit of success. And, we’re here to help you with just that!

Technical SEO

First and foremost, you need to focus your efforts on building the right “technical SEO” strategies, which includes three most important factors – a fast loading website, a secured and reliable website, and a mobile-responsive website. Any negative impact in any of these three areas, you’re certainly going down the rankings.

Content SEO

Next comes content SEO. High quality content is of utmost important for SaaS businesses. Highly relevant and valuable content that brings up all the required information and solves queries in the customers’ minds can help increase your customer base, which will in turn impress Google. But, this is not a one-time thing. Simply publishing great content once is not enough. You need to update your content regularly to keep yourself up against the millions of blog posts being published across the world every single day. But, while you do so, don’t forget that you’re not there to impress only the customers; you want to impress Google too. So, make sure your content is always optimized for Google’s latest algorithms at all times.

User experience metrics

Customers are of high importance for every SaaS business, meaning user experience is a must. And, to make it even more difficult, Google’s RankBrain algorithm can determine whether a search result is essential to a user or not. To be able to stand up to the customers as well as Google’s algorithms, there are three primary user experience metrics that you need to focus on – the click through rate, the bounce rate, and the on-page time. Higher click-through rates and longer on-page times suggest quality and relevancy, while higher bounce rates mean a big disaster for your business.


Backlinks were, and are still important. So, when an authoritative website links to your SaaS website, Google perceives it as a highly relevant site. Thus, in order to be able to have a good impression on Google, you need to have good websites link to you. It’s less about the quantity of links, and more about the quality now. Google checks for not the number of links to your site, but instead, the kinds of websites linking to your site, whether relevant and related to your keywords and niche.

Social sharing

Although social shares are not directly a ranking signal yet they say a lot. When more and more people share your website, you have a higher chance of acquiring good links, which means again better linking. Getting social shares also proves to Google that you are relevant and popular among users; thus making a positive impact on your ranking.

With these simple 5 tips, you can certainly boost up your brand image in the eyes of both Google and the users. So, use these tips and boost your website traffic, while increasing your customer base, and ranking too. Also, you can always hire SEO experts in India to help grow your customer base through even better SEO strategies tailored specifically for your company. With the help fo such experts, you can effectively carry out such optimization tasks and help your business succeed even better.

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