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SEO is important, and will always be, if you want to stay in the good books of Google and rank high on SERPs. But, it isn’t a one-time procedure. With market demands constantly changing, and Google algorithms frequently transforming, your SEO practices need to regularly be adjusted too. While you may have read innumerous blogs on how to do SEO right, today, we’re here to tell you how not to do SEO wrong. Practically, it’s the same thing, but rather than focusing on the SEO approaches that you need to include into your plan, we’ll tell you about the SEO mistakes that you should avoid including into your strategy. After all, as much as it is important to know what you should do, it is equally crucial to understand what you shouldn’t do. So here, we bring to you 5 most commonly observed SEO mistakes that you must certainly avoid.

Mistake 1 – Not understanding the search intent

You may have focused on every important factor like important keywords, content, backlinks, competitors, etc. But, none of this is going to be fruitful if it isn’t designed for your particular audience. Every business has a particular audience type it wants to target, and to be able to do so well, it is important to understand the audience’s mindset, and take steps to satisfy their requests. Search intent is a very important part of SEO, which you can’t afford to neglect! By designing your website for search intent, you can connect the users to the most relevant and accurate information, and solve all their queries and doubts, having them to rely on you for every product or service they’re looking for in your area of expertise.

Mistake 2 – Ignoring analytics

You’re getting a lot of traffic to your site, which is a good sign. But, is most of that traffic converting into sales? If you aren’t seeing such conversions, there’s certainly a loophole somewhere in your strategy. Probably, you’re focusing on high-traffic keywords (which are bringing in a lot of traffic to your site), but are those high-traffic keywords helpful in bringing on conversions? It’s possible that there are certain low-traffic keywords that have better conversion rates due to their specificity; so why not use them instead? But, you won’t know where the problem lies until you track and analyze the numbers. Tracking the numbers can help you know what is working and what isn’t, which will help you know how to further use your resources better. There are a number of tools that can help you analyze your numbers, such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and other platforms and tools that can handle competitive analysis and SEO management.

Mistake 3 – Putting up low-quality content

Google is highly judgemental when it comes to assessing the content on a website. The search engine wants to show only high-quality relevant information to its users. Thus, relevant keywords in your content are important, informative content is important, and also updated content from time to time is important. Also, you must avoid keyword stuffing, and duplicate content.

Mistake 4 – Ignoring essential SEO elements

Keywords and content are important, alright. But, there is a lot more important stuff too! There are a considerable amount of SEO elements that you need to focus on and include into your strategy; those that you can’t afford to miss out on. These elements include title tags for every page, informative and concise meta descriptions, keyword usage in titles and descriptions, alt text for images, etc. Equipping each Web page with such fully fleshed-out elements can seem small, but can certainly help with the ranking.

Mistake 5 – Ignoring mobile responsiveness

Although it’s rare that any business will ignore mobile responsiveness now, with smartphones having become an integral part of almost everyone’s lives, yet it is a mistake that should be avoided; hence, listed here. Mobile search accounts for more than 50% of all Web traffic, which is why Google has placed strong emphasis on websites that are mobile-friendly. So, you must keep your website mobile-responsive, quick to load, and easy to navigate.

If you’ve made any of the above SEO mistakes, it’s time you course-correct to put your website back in Google’s good books. For any kind of assistance and professional help, you can always hire digital marketing experts in India who can help you with the perfectly-planned SEO strategy and tactics.

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