30 Best Free SEO Tools (2021)

30 Best Free SEO Tools (2021)

Tracking the SEO of the website is extremely important. Analyzing these metrics manually is very tedious and takes up a lot of time. There are several free and paid tools that help you track your performance in various locations, keep a check on your competitors and find ways to improve your website’s rankings.

Let’s look into some of the best SEO tools that are available for free-

1. Google PageSpeed Insights

One of the most crucial aspects that determine the success of a website is its loading speed. This free tool helps in determining how quickly the website loads and what can be done to improve this speed. It classifies the speed into fast, average and slow.

2. Mobile friendly test

This tool determines how responsive your website is on mobile and suggests ways to improve its mobile-friendliness such as font size, sizing content and tap targets properly. You can avoid higher bounce rate by implementing these techniques.

This tool finds unique keywords from questions that people ask on forums, blogs and other social media platforms. It has separate categories for keywords such as vs, like, and etc.

4. Hubspot’s website grader

Hubspot’s website grader is one of the most popular free SEO tool. It can be used to analyze sites for metrics such as page speed, browser caching, mobile-friendliness, page titles, meta descriptions, security etc.

Google Analytics remains the best free tool that can carry out a complete analysis of the website and find out more about details such as page views, bounce rate, organic traffic, time on site etc.

6. Woorank’s SEO and website analysis tool

This works as an extension to chrome and provides an overall SEO score for your website. It also provides suggestions on ways to improve the SEO on your website.

Instead of manually going through Google Analytics to find out articles on your site that need your attention, you can use this tool. It helps you find the content that has to be upgraded. It also has a feature that lets you know how this content has affected your traffic.

This SEO tool helps you find trending topics, and you can create content around these. It has several categories depending on the type of industry that you are targeting.

Just like the name suggests, this tool provides an in-depth analysis of the SEO on your website. It provides information about problems such as sitemap, slow loading or blocked pages, keyword stuffing, duplicate content and other technical SEO related issues.

Another tool that allows you to resolve the SEO related issues on your website is screaming frog. It provides information about HTTP header errors, HTML and crawl errors etc. that might be affecting your site’s rankings.

Another tool that is completely free and extremely useful is Ubersuggest. You can enter the keyword that you wish to rank for and find out details such as keyword difficulty and search volume etc.  You can also view related keywords to the one that you searched for.

This tool helps you find out how the search engine views your page. It also provides a SERP preview which shows you how the page will appear on the search engine. You can then optimize your title and description accordingly.

If you wish to find out which websites are the most popular in your industry, you should head to detailed.com. It will help you find out what your competitors are doing differently and who is linked to them.

This tool helps you view your website from various devices. It provides a SERP preview from various locations and types of devices.

15. Yoast WordPress plugin

Yoast is a free plugin that you can use if your website runs on WordPress. It is also responsible for updating your sitemap every time you add a new page.

16. Google search console

Google search console is an amazing SEO tool that provides an estimate of how well your website is doing on the web. It helps you resolve any indexing problems and find out which sites link to you. It shows areas that can be improved such as problem in meta description and tags, non-indexable content etc.

17. Keywords Everywhere

This tool can work as an add-on in your browser and provide low competition keywords along with their search volume and CPC. This free tool makes keyword search quite convenient and quick by providing various important metrics at the same place.

Although all the features of this tool are available for free, there are a few excellent free SEO tools that Moz offers. These include a link explorer that analyzes various links, keyword explorer that provides a complete keyword analysis and also allows you to see page elements, create custom searches etc.

This free tool tracks the website rank, traffic, indexing details, backlinks etc. It can be operated from any device and can also perform a social media analysis.

This tool is aimed at helping businesses keep track of their clients’ and competitor’s website. It helps you find out the views, bounce rate, keywords etc.

21. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

This tool helps you check the structure, readability and grammar of the headlines of your blog posts. It ensures that your headline gets the right attention on social media and search engines.

This tool provides information about your website’s speed and performance. It also provides tips on how to improve it.

23. Broken Link Checker

You can stay aware of any broken links or missing images from your blog by using this free SEO tool.

If you wish to get a detailed report of the SEO performance of your website, this is just the right tool for you. You can have a free audit of your website to find out any SEO errors that might need improvement.

25. CanIRank
This tool obtains metrics from other SEO tools to deliver recommendations and insights to help with your website’s SEO. It also provides keywords and SEO reports.
26. Keyworddit

This tool helps you obtain keywords from Reddit. It finds frequently used keywords from subreddits and also provide their search volume.

27. All in one SEO pack

This WordPress plugin helps optimize your site for SEO. It has several other advanced features as well.

An SEO tool that provides several link building opportunities is drop my link. It finds resource pages, link roundups etc.

This tool helps you perform a complete audit of your website. It helps track metrics such as page speed, mobile-friendliness, security etc.

This SEO tool checks the responsiveness of your website and provides an idea of how it would appear on various devices.

All of these tools are free to use but can help improve the rankings and conversion rate of your website. You can choose to buy a paid version of some of these tools to access some advanced feature once you find a tool that works well for you.

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