3 Tips People Miss about China Social Media Marketing


3 Tips People Miss about China Social Media Marketing

China’s social media marketing is growing powerful than ever. When foreign companies enter the country, it is a must to understand how these social media giants work.

Not only do they act as the important tools in expanding your business, but they also change rapidly in different behaviours.

Brief Introduction of the China Social Media

China social media varies a lot from that of the western world. Most of the well-known leaders around the globe, such as Google, are banned in the country. WeChat, Weibo, and various other social media sites mainly formed the landscape of China marketing.

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The above icons may be familiar to you, but in China, most of them cannot be accessed!

The ways these platforms operate are extremely different as well. If companies do not understand the distinct rules, the effort paid in all the social media marketing campaigns will go down to drain.

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The following are some general mistakes and trends people missed before doing China social media marketing.

1. Overlook the Effectiveness of a Professional Team

Many enterprises think that handling social media marketing in China is not a problem. However, marketing on the mobile Internet is way harder than you think. It requires related knowledge and expertise including product and marketing knowledge, publicity skill, graphics effects, etc. Understanding consumer mentality is also necessary. Without a team of experienced experts, it is almost impossible to achieve goals.

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A professional marketing team will be a great help to your business.

Firms have often spent too much in trying to manage social media marketing by themselves. At the same time, the results are not satisfactory. In fact, the cost and effectiveness of doing it in-house are much higher than cooperating with an outside professional team. They have seen a much wider range of products and their professionalism is in a different league. Hiring a team can release your company from stress and failures.

Want to know more about how a professional agency help with your business? Welcome to contact Dragon Social. We are a global team with expertise in different aspects of China marketing!

2. Neglect the Importance of “We-Media”

The boom in social media is making traditional marketing weak. Information is more transparent and consumers receive them faster than ever. It is absolutely revolutionizing the way consumers obtain information. The decision-making process for shopping is greatly reduced as well.

Companies may still stick to traditional social media marketing. Nevertheless, mass media, TV, and newspaper advertising are not working as well as before. The flooded information makes it difficult to decide which product to buy. So, the main strategy now is not to get publicity for your product, it is to attract customers to choose it.

It is exactly why “We-Media” becomes a solution. It indicates that everyone can produce content and become an influencer. In China, almost every customer uses Weibo constantly and posts on WeChat to interact with others. So, in circles of friends, it is the strongest way to persuade consumers. People tend to trust those they know, and recommendations by friends are more effective.

china social media marketing, we-media, china social media

Everyone can be a “We-Media” today with the advanced technology.

“We-media” has decreased the distance between companies and consumers. Companies can utilize personalized brands to help establish preference. Also, consumers can now have a direct conversation with brands. Even talking to the founders or CEOs is possible. It will be a great loss to foreign companies who fail to use the trend to improve the quality of communication.

KOL Promotion

Another important development in China social media marketing is Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Many of them succeeded in attracting large and loyal follower groups. With WeChat stores, mini-programs, and other tools, KOLs are alternatives in shortening consumers’ decision-making processes.

china social media marketing, social media in China, key opinion leader

You need to know more about KOL marketing when doing business in China.

KOL marketing can facilitate your business to expand faster. It would be a pity if you overlook the significance. Click to learn more about KOLs in China.

3. Wrong Matching Between Products & Marketing Strategies

Not every product and service is suitable for social media marketing. It is not that you cannot, but the efficiency might disappoint you. The most critical point is to weigh between pros and cons of implementing social media marketing for your products. Learn about what kind of strategies is suitable, and the strength and weaknesses of your company.

china social media marketing, marketing strategies, china marketing agency

Balance your budget and the reward you expect from doing China social media marketing.

For instance, a small brand that provides services for the local community, such as a hair salon, cannot sustain a steady flow of customers. If you are a foreign company trying to enter China, the situation will be worse. It is because the number of shops you can provide at first must be limited, and consumers are unlikely to travel. Even if the products do attract customers on social media, the ability of your company may not allow it to serve everyone.

Products with a long decision-making process, such as property (Read more about selling real estates in China), the brand owners need to understand that social media is to increase publicity and attract consumers. However, it might be quite difficult to complete deals directly through social media. You may want to adjust your expectations before receiving the results.

Identify Your Product Type Correctly

On the other hand, social media marketing will be efficient for fast-moving consumer goods or services. For example, every family needs to purchase food items at least once a month. Due to keen competition, brands can utilize social media to interact with consumers. Especially when foreign brands are entering the market, they can build a positive image and start to maintain loyalty through the platforms.

Businesses like investment products and telecom companies are suitable for social media marketing as they are high consumption frequency services and products. In comparison, a person may use something for once or twice in his lifetime, you might want to search for alternatives.

Conclusion on China Social Media Marketing

China social media is complex. Without a professional agency, you may find them too demanding for the time and money of your company. Dragon Social stays up-to-date with any trends in China social media marketing. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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