RGK’s Game of Thrones-inspired wheelchair takes the crown for clever social media marketing

Jon Snow may know nothing but the same can’t be said of RGK Wheelchairs, with the active wheelchair specialists taking to social media to show off a custom chair designed for a disabled character on the wildly popular Game of Thrones television series.

For those that are not au fait with HBO’s global TV phenomenon, Game of Thrones is one of television’s most successful programs to have ever been broadcast, with a reported one billion viewers from 170 countries expected to tune in to the eighth and final season currently being aired to see how the show concludes.

The show has garnered a loyal and dedicated viewership of fans worldwide and clearly, one of those fans can be found at RGK Wheelchairs, a UK manufacturer of sport and daily, lightweight made-to-measure wheelchairs.

Following a recent episode where one of the show’s key character, a paraplegic named Bran Stark, praised his rudimental wheelchair, RGK decided to show what custom and bespoke wheelchair they would create for him if he was to call upon their services.

Taking to the company’s Facebook page, RGK revealed an attractive, bespoke design using its titanium Octane Sub4 wheelchair, along with a number of witty and clever feature benefits that relate to the specific aspects of the show.

From helping to avoid corrosion in the North’s snows to a “MadMax Triride to give him the power to escape the White Walkers,” RGK incorporated various elements to help fully customise the wheelchair, even going as far as to include the character’s wolf sigil on the seat.

Appreciated by RGK’s Facebook community, the topical and engaging post received almost 100 likes and an impressive number of shares.

In addition, the post is a shining example of a company that understands social media, combining creative thinking and irreverence with something that is popular amongst its audience to promote products in a unique and engaging way.

Check out the post below:

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