3 Local SEO Tactics Your Business Can’t Miss Out – Techcomm Journal

Do you use local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Well, research shows that businesses that utilize local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)can reach business goals faster and can be more lucrative than ever imagined. One can be productive in reaching their goals by pinpointing what is needed to get customers to their business be it brick and mortar or simply an online business. Yes, local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) could be the key to reaching your audience. One may wonder, “What is local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?”. It is a way of getting your web page and/or website for your business seen for potential customers who conduct a search to get a product or service.

One can get more visitors to their web page and/or website if their business is ranked high on the results page from the search. More visitors often lead to more of an audience which moves towards more potential customers for one’s business. Let’s say for instance if one wanted to optimize local searches for their business in Fort Worth, one could use a local Search Engine Optimization or SEO agencies in Fort Worth. A local Search Engine Optimization or SEO agencies in Fort Worth could be the key to help one’s business reach a number of potential customers on record levels. It has been suggested through documentation and research that over 70% of a group of people who conduct local searches actually visit the business that they searched within 5 miles of their location. In addition, it has been researched and noted that over 50% of people usually visit the business or store that they searched locally within a day of conducting the search. Now that one should see how local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be very helpful and useful, let’s take a look at 3 Local Search Engine (SEO) tactics your business can’t miss.

1. Local content on pages, blog posts and page titles are a “can’t miss”. Landing pages should be specific to your business and location of your business. These are of the utmost importance. Keeping your business information, be it your name, address and phone number updated and current on these pages, blog posts and page titles is vital for local Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Keeping this clean without letting a huge build up of duplicates on your business listing pile up is also very important. There are tools available to help clean up duplicates. For instance, there is a MOZ local tool that can locate duplicates and help to get them cleaned out.

2. Research has been documented that reflects over 76% of businesses that have good local keywords in interlinks is another local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactic that one must use if business goals are to be reached. Inbound links and/or interlinks can be very useful in bringing in that audience and reaching potential customers. Page authority and domain give business listings with the highest authority the highest ranking. Therefore, here the tactic is to get links from trusted authorities with the highest rankings.

3. Local search platforms is a tactic that not one business can afford to miss out on as it is the key to getting an audience full of potential customers. These platforms such as Google My Business or Google Places for Businesses are a “can’t miss”. These are surefire ways to draw traffic and gain those customers. These platforms are the first tips to be considered for local Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Just be sure to keep business information (Name, Address and Phone number) up to date and accurate at all times for best results.

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