29 of the Best Social Media Marketing Blogs of 2018

The great thing about the internet is that it’s full of brilliant marketers sharing great information — all for free. Social media is no exception.

We at HubSpot are thrilled to give you the marketing insights you need by way of the HubSpot Marketing Blog. But if you have some extra time in your week to add more blogs to your reading list, we recommend you consider subscribing to some of these 29 blogs specifically about social media marketing.

29 of the Best Social Media Blogs

Social Media Explorer, founded by Jason Falls, is constantly pumping out great posts on social media’s impact on marketing and public relations.

Adam Singer’s blog, The Future Buzz, takes a clear approach to social media marketing and SEO topics, and isn’t afraid to take a stance against ideas and tactics he thinks are bad for marketers.

If you’re a small business owner, Duct Tape Marketing is a must-read for strategic and tactical advice about leveraging online marketing and social media to grow your business.

Social Media Today offers a diverse mix of news on social networks’ latest developments and cutting-edge tips to perfect your use of each platform. The blog also hosts live Twitter chats from its Twitter hashtag, #SMTLive, on various social media topics twice a month.

The Social Media section of Small Business Trends, a large news property for entrepreneurs, is filled with expert social media advice and multimedia content for the small business.

Author and speaker, David Meerman Scott shares great theories and real-life examples of social media’s impact on marketing, as well as easy-to-understand content that is great for non-marketing executives.

Rebekah Radice is an award-winning social media influencer, and her blog is evidence of her expertise in this industry. Her blog packages common social media topics into solution-based content that tells marketers what they need to know. She also hosts a podcast called Brand Authority, further expanding on the challenges she examines on her blog.

Mari Smith has been called the “Queen of Facebook,” and her Facebook-specific blog is a testament to this generous title. Smith uses the latest Facebook trends to create up-to-date insights for the modern social media marketer — with ample video marketing advice to boot.

From social media to email marketing, this simple-looking property is an all-in-one resource for content marketers. The Social Media Hat also includes a recommended list of marketing tools, giving you opportunities to apply what you learn from the blog to your marketing operations.

Jon Loomer is a blogger and podcaster whose website offers both articles and video tutorials on all things Facebook marketing.

The TopRank blog has a long history of delivering a great blend of search engine and social media marketing information in easily digestible lists and posts.

This comprehensive blog breaks down its social media content into News, Business, How-To, and Marketing topics — providing a reader experience that is sorted according to the unique social media challenges you might face in your career.

DreamGrow is dedicated to social media in the context of content marketing. The blog caters to both content creators and marketing strategists, showing readers how to use social media to grow as businesses and as individuals.

While MarketingProfs reserves some of its content for paid members, its Daily Fix blog offers great daily marketing content for free.

Eileen Brown’s blog, a property of ZDNet, is an expansive resource for emerging trends relating to social media’s impact on business.

Aaron Lee is a social media manager from Malaysia, who uses his experience as an entrepreneur to educate half a million readers worldwide on using social media to grow a business.

For thoughtful and honest commentary and advice on social media and conducting business on the web, check out Amber Naslund’s blog.

Dave’s blog provides valuable information regarding how social media has an impact on brands and traditional communications functions like public relations and advertising.

With tons of great guest authors and consistent how-to content, Social Media Examiner offers a ton of free advice for marketers across industries.

Jay Baer provides actionable information about the best ways to use social media to improve reach and convert new customers.

For an analyst’s perspective on high-level social media concepts and emerging trends like social CRM, take a minute to check out Jeremiah’s blog.

Long-time search engine marketing resource Search Engine Land provides expert advice on search marketing.

For those who are interested in improving and expanding their blog across all their digital channels, ProBlogger discusses the strategies and tactics needed to become a successful blogger.

Sprout Social is a social media management tool whose Insights blog is always tuned to the latest best practices in social media marketing — from what content to post to using chatbots for better customer service.

The Bad Pitch Blog points out mistakes other marketers have made so that you won’t make them, too. You’ll find some important perspective on media relations — across all digital channels — in these posts.

Moz is known for offering expert tools and advice on search engine optimization (SEO). What you might not know is that the famous Moz Blog also gives you social media advice from the unique perspective of SEO.

Peg Fitzpatrick is the author of the best-selling book, “The Art of Social Media,” and her blog is an equally creative take on social media marketing for today’s content producers.

RazorSocial’s social media blog is one of nine content categories that shows you different ways of thinking about content strategy, as well as how to perfect your use of certain marketing tools.

This award-winning marketing blog comes from Donna Moritz, an Australian content strategist who writes about using social media to become a better storyteller.

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