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Why are video marketing tips for real estate so important right now? Well, it’s fair to say that 2020 has been an unusual year (to put it mildly) and is set to continue to be, even into 2021.

However, it is also true to say that the businesses that come through it best will be those who have been (or will be) the quickest to respond to the market changes, as the country begins to emerge from the pandemic.

The property market has changed because the people looking to buy and sell their homes have changed. Priorities have been re-evaluated, circumstances have shifted and even lenders have changed the rules of borrowing. And on top of this, employment markets have been completely upturned, which impacts financial circumstances as well as many practical ones.

Video marketing was beginning to come to the fore as a valuable real estate asset even before the pandemic swept in and changed everything.

Now, as well as being a great tool to make use of under normal circumstances, it is perhaps even more important at a time when the public are less reluctant to be out and about as much as they used to. Many would rather view a half dozen homes on video and then physically inspect the more favoured one or two, in preference to actually viewing all six. It should at least be an option to be able to offer your prospective buyers.

Now we are all starting to understand the implications of the past few months, as a real estate agency, you need every advantage you can get to ensure business success in the coming months and even years.

Video marketing has proved its value time and again – so to take advantage of it in this new market, here are a few suggestions to keep in mind if you are looking at it for the first time.

1. Plan every property video shoot

Whenever you are filming – plan, plan and plan again!

What sort of shoot is best for the property? What style of video will suit it? What elements will look better on video and which would be more favoured by a still shot?

Many homes will benefit from a walkthrough style shoot, to emphasise the space and give the viewer a sense of moving through it, but not all properties are suitable for this. Some will benefit more from individually filming each room separately.

As best as you can, plan your style of shoot in advance; having said that, you may not get a firm idea until you see the place for yourself, so be prepared to be flexible.

Do you have access to a drone camera? If so, what are you going to film with that?

Create a simple shot list as a plan and make sure you get everything on it. Better to have too much footage to edit out, rather than not enough and miss something important.

2. Sell the property location; not just the property

Remember your establishing shots – it’s not just about the property, it’s also about where the property is.

What are the surrounding areas like? Are there shops and services nearby? If the property is a family one, where is the nearest school? What is the local infrastructure like?

Are there any parks nearby or other features, such as sports facilities?

If there are features around that you want to include, then that will take extra time to film unless you have a second camera operator.

However, establishing shots are very important for anyone viewing who isn’t local. No-one wants to discover what they feel is the perfect new home for them, only to find that the surrounding area is unsuitable for them when they turn up for a physical viewing. It doesn’t help them, and it does you as the agent a disservice, as the prospect will count it as a black mark against you!

3. Be real – make it appeal

Make sure your videos are engaging and aimed at the target demographic.

Is it a starter home, or at the luxury end of the property scale? Who is your ideal client for this property? Keep that question in mind when planning and carrying out the video shoot.

In other words, create a video that appeals to the right target market. Just as when you photograph a home you want it depersonalised so that the prospective buyer can imagine themselves in it, so it is equally important to produce a video in a style that suits the people who are going to view it. If you don’t, then you will alienate them, and they will feel disconnected from the property before they have even seen it.

Your customers need to be shown a realistic overview of the property (if they like the video they will ask to see it in person anyway, so no point in hiding anything) – but that doesn’t mean that you don’t show it at its best. Lazy or half-hearted, low-budget video is much worse than not having one, as it will only serve to put people off.

4. Consider using a professional videographer

On that note, if you don’t know what makes a high-quality property video (or how to make one) then pay someone to do it for you!

Quality videography is no longer the out-of-reach expense that it used to be. The ROI is that good (especially in real estate sales) that many property sales professionals would not be without it.

Many agencies have the first few filmed professionally to learn what makes a good video, before trying their hand at it themselves. Others decide that considering the small cost, it is easier to continue using a professional service, especially one that includes all editing, titles and finishing as well.

5. Make more than one video

When you are creating a property video, make more than one version! The footage you take can be easily edited into two or even three different styles and lengths of video, to be used in different ways.

Social media content usually wants to be a short ‘taster’ film – around 30 seconds or so.

A full property video, with a walkthrough and locations shots, should be several minutes to show the home to its fullest.

And aside from video marketing your real estate – don’t forget there are other uses for video!

Make a promotional video about your agency! This can be displayed on your website, used on social media, and even sent out in e-newsletters.

You can create testimonial videos, with comments from your previous customers, or how about a ‘Day in the life of…’ shoot to introduce yourself and your team?

You can even create a USP video explaining the sales process and exactly what makes your business different to your competitors, whether that’s your personal touch, your experience, how your market your properties, any extra services you offer, etc.

The options are almost limitless – and as we have already said, video is incredibly cost-effective as a marketing tool and always pays for itself.

So get creative!

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