Video: Patrick Stox on pagination, technical SEO & community

The last interview I did at SMX West last February was with Patrick Stox. Patrick is a long time speaker at the SMX conference, he has worked at IBM for several years as a technical SEO and now works at Ahrefs, the popular SEO toolset company.

In our interview, besides for joking around probably a bit too much, we talked a bit about some technical SEO topics. We covered how Google surprisingly dropped the rel=next/prev support, we spoke about how it came to a surprise of almost everyone and how pagination has been a tough technical SEO challenge for many.

Patrick devotes a lot of his time to helping the SEO community through his speaking engagements, the TechSEO Reddit sub-forum, the TechSEO Slack channel he runs and so much more.

I hope you enjoy this interview:

I started this vlog series recently, and if you want to sign up to be interviewed, you can fill out this form on Search Engine Roundtable. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here. I am currently looking to do socially distant, outside interviews in the NY/NJ tri-state area.

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