2020 Guide to SEO for Healthcare Marketing Sector in London

2020 Guide to SEO for Healthcare Marketing in London

Posted on: Jun 30, 2020 7 min read

Every skin care clinic can get benefited having an online presence with search engine optimisation or SEO. However, each sector has dynamic and unique approach based on the needs of their customers. In case of healthcare industry, this uniqueness can be found among the competitors of the industry and how your audience uses content.

Mostly, the audiences are smart professionals who are looking for technical content. Yet you would like to adjust to the requirements of enthusiastic laypeople too. So, writing search-engine-optimized content for tech-savvy audience is all about discussing the most complicated and specialized topics in a simple yet thorough way. It is also important to know that Search Engine Optimisation or SEO ensures to deliver long-term results and so, you will have to keep a lot of patience.

1. Consider keyword research and optimisation – Before you may plan your SEO marketing strategy for healthcare marketing in London, it is necessary to evaluate your niche to know the requirements of your audience and thus, adapt to them. After conducting thorough research on the market, you should try to create buyer personas that can denote specific personalities and ultimate needs of your audience.

This can help you to attain your most desired goals, which might cause increase in lead generation, branding, reputation management and sales conversion, or gaining huge organic traffic to your site. Make sure you set specific goals that are attainable, measurable, time-bound and realistic in their own way.

Getting number one rank on Google is about creating original and unique content with the most appropriate keywords so that you can beat your competitors online. But what is more important is the value of keywords that you need to rank for. The right keywords will obviously have higher search volumes that are very competitive, relevant to your audience and meant to meet your business objectives. This is why you require a good keyword research tool such as SEMrush, Moz, BuzzSumo or Google Trends. With the help of it, you can create a list of relevant keywords that will fulfill your business goals and audience needs by drafting content to be published around them.

2. Build online reputation and authority – After the preliminary stages have been set, it is now time to begin publishing. Your objective should be to create great reputation and authority sites such as Forbes, TechCrunch and The Next Web have their content ranking continuously on the first page. The key for the success of SEO is not that smooth for new technology based companies and so, you will have to work with an SEO service provider. The reason is that your competitors have already built a massive online reputation already and thus, edging them might be quite difficult.

Firstly, you will have to concentrate on the quality and consistency of your content. Make sure you post well-researched and quality content regularly and frequently. Also, see your content stand out from the rest by developing a unique tone that is informed by the demographics of your audience. Apart from these, you should not restrict yourself to written content only and rather, try to differ your marketing strategy for including videos, podcasts and infographics. If you are finding it difficult to publish new content, then try to repurpose an existing post in a different format. Different channels for interactions can help you to reach out to more people.

However, the work isn’t over and one of the most important ranking factors of Google is backlinks. Google’s bot will crawl web pages by following the most relevant links. So, the more high-quality backlinks you will have to a web page, the higher it is going to rank on the search engine. Many people who want to link to your content suggests that it is relevant and of higher quality. Build authority by building backlinks.

Ordinarily, the most suitable way to create links is to allow others to refer to your content organically. Thus, you will have to build links yourself by promoting your content on different channels, writing guest posts on other sites and then inking back to your web page, or requesting writers and journalists to provide link to your content. Of course, your content quality must be top-notch for all these cases.

3. Improve overall experience of users on your site – According to experts of a SEO agency, when you create your content for satisfying the targeted audience, you should try to provide them with great experience on visiting your website. If you don’t, your search engine rankings will not soar. Hence, you will have to spend sufficient time and bounce rate are extremely important for SEO metrics.

Dwell time is the exact amount of time that visitors like to spend on your website before they decide to return to the SERPs. On the other hand, bounce rate is the number of users who have visited your website and then return to the SERPs without relating to any element on the webpage. Your objective should be to post relevant and engaging content on your site. Thus, the longer a visitor spends time on your webpage, the higher the value it will attract. If you want to increase dwell time and lessen bounce rate on your website, then certain methods can be used for it.

Google has started giving more importance to mobile versions of webpages for search engine rankings with its mobile-first indexing update. This has become necessary since mobile devices are now the primary way through which online users access the web world.

Another important method to boost experience of users is by fixing loading speed of web page or how quickly the contents of your webpages load. Different methods for measuring this and the longer a webpage requires to load, the higher the bounce rate will be. Google PageSpeed Insights is actually a free tool that evaluates loading time of your webpages. If you want to make a web page load quickly, then you will have to consider optimizing images, compressing page’s files, leveraging browser caching and decreasing redirects.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, most companies are forced to halt their business operations while some employees are performing the most important business operations from their home. When it is about SEO, there are work-from-home SEO trends that are being deployed at this time and it is advised for the companies to use this time for staying ahead of their competitors.

According to DubSEO SEO Consultants, it is extremely important to know that SEO is an ongoing process and the results might not be visible immediately once they begin. As long as you select the right methods, the profits will turn out to be huge.

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