16 Proven Video Marketing Tips To Make Your Brand Stand Out

In the world today, Video Marketing is topping the charts when it comes to branding and advertisements. It has become the number one way to get organic boost for businesses. It was found by Forrester Research that using videos as a form of advertisement is more likely to get 50 times more organic first page ranking than conventional text pages. However, Video Marketing will only work for you if you know how to do it right. That’s why I have prepared 16 video marketing tips that’ll help you eliminate video marketing mistakes preventing your videos from receiving its organic welcome.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the 16 proven video marketing tips:

These tips will help in knowing what to do right to gain more attention for your products and services using video marketing. Are you ready to go to take your business/service to the next level? Let’s get right into it:

Let’s take the recent Gillette video advertisement that was released in early 2019 as a very good example. That video got the whole world talking. They know that the world is currently in bias when it comes to patriarchy and matriarchy and they seized that opportunity to create a tongue waggling video campaign. It is the best strategy that has ever been used in the history of video marketing. They were able to connect emotionally to matters affecting their audience and in the process, placing their product on the tip of people’s tongues.

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion.” – Dale Carnegie

Not only did they get their customers engaged in intellectual discussions, but they also drove more people into recognizing their brand. Now, if I go to the store to get a shaving stick, Gillette is the first that comes to my mind and that’s exactly what I’ll get.

Video Marketing Tip #2. Make Videos Content People Would Like To Watch

Everybody is always looking for something new and exciting. There are Video Marketing patterns that are quite popular amongst video marketers and a lot of people use the same video trend. Following that trend will just make your brand one of the numerous unrecognized brands. With your video marketing, you need to be very creative and find new ways to send out your message.

“Create videos with a distinct purpose. Anticipate your ideal consumer’s needs and create content to address those needs.” – Brian Rotsztein

One strategy that works best is using controversial video contents. It gains a very large audience which equates to more people recognizing the brand. The more you’re able to excite your audience, the more they’ll always look forward to what you have in store for them and they’ll be automatically sold on your brand for as long as it exists.

Video Marketing Tip #3. Know Your Audience And Value Proposition

Most times, in the hassle, to make juicy video content for great marketing, we forget the type of audience we’re talking to. For example, let’s say we are a baby diaper brand, of course, we have to create content that’ll speak to nursing mothers. But if we go ahead to make a video that talks about old people and how they like to sit and stare at the TV, there’s no way the audience can even relate to it because it’s totally off point.

“Don’t just create content to get credit for being clever — create content that will be helpful, insightful, or interesting for your target audience.” – David Ogilvy

So, study your audience carefully and figure out what they like to see, what they like to hear and how it makes them feel. Also, keep your proposition and where your brand stands in mind.

Video Marketing Tip #4. Focus On The First Thirty Seconds

The first thirty seconds of a video is the most crucial to the acceptance of the video and engagement of the viewer. They help the viewer decide whether they want to keep watching or switch to something else. You should create a video marketing content that is able to captivate the audience and keep them glued to their screen. Maybe even make them revisit the video a couple more times. It helps when you go straight to the point in the first 30 seconds because that way, you’ve given them the only thing they’re interested in, the reason they watched the video in the first place. The viewer has heard what he/she wants to hear and they’ll definitely stay to watch it to the end.

“Business decision makers love online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.” – Robert Weiss

Video Marketing Tip #5. Know What You Want To Achieve With Video

Setting a goal for your video content is very important. You need to answer questions such as: What am I trying to relate to my audience? What do I want my audience to think about during and after watching the video? How do I want them to react? What actions do I want them to take? How do I want them feeling inside? These are questions that help make the objectives for the video as clear as they can be. These objectives should be observed from every angle when it comes to creating captivating video content for marketing. The clearer your goals are about video marketing, the more relatable your video. Find the best way to sell to them by offering them something that they can only get from your brand.

“Authenticity, honesty, and personal voice underlie much of what’s successful on the web.” – Rick Levine

Video Marketing Tip #6. A Strong Story Can Make A Huge Impact

When Nike was going to put out their recent ad, they needed something that’ll touch the depth of the soul of their audience so, what did they do? They decided to make a compilation of all the greatest sportsmen and women of this time. Not once in the video did they show a Nile shoe and at the end, they just put their slogan “Just do it”. This video was intended to be motivational. Now, when you see a Nike shoe, all you can think of is wearing the shoe that the greatest people in the world wear and so you go ahead and decorate your legs with one. Woahla! Mission accomplished for the Nike brand. Every story told by your video content is touching a soul or a thousand souls so make sure to make it count and you’ll be surprised at the results you’ll be getting.

Video Marketing Tip #7. Use Pattern Interrupts To Increase Watch Time

Using pattern interrupts is a very good way to keep your viewers glued to watching your video. You are causing their brain to function a little more because they’re trying to figure out what it is your video is about. This will increase the watch time by the viewers because then, you’ve introduced a new strategy that they’ve never seen before. Like the Nike example I used earlier, that’s a pattern interrupt. I’m very sure a couple of people went back to watch that video multiple times causing the watch time on the video to have an immense increase. Always switch up on your strategy because one way of doing things can get really boring and make people lose interest in what you have to offer in the long run.

Video Marketing Tip #8. Seo Optimize Your Video (Youtube Keyword Planner Tool)

You want your video to come out top in search engines, don’t you? If it’s at the bottom, nobody will see it and if nobody sees it, there’s no progress. This is where the magic of YouTube keyword planner tool comes in. If you make a video with great content and the best quality, the only way your audience can see it is if it pops up when they’re searching with the keywords. So, make sure to keep your videos optimized with SEO keywords that are very much most searched in your niche. YouTube keyword planner is very good at giving the best keywords for videos and this can help you boost your ranking during searches. No amount of SEO keywords is too much for your video content. Check out these 14 best video marketing tools to enhance your video performance.

Video Marketing Tip #9. Build Your Audience Over Time

We’ve been talking about putting your audience first above anything else but who does the audience comprise of? These are people who have developed a natural likeness for your brand and will be there as long as you’re ready to make them happy. However, these people don’t just appear out of nowhere. They grew in numbers as you were being consistent with your work. They know what your brand is about and they like it. Pepsi Co. wasn’t always a company with over 10 million people as their audience. At some point, they had just one person and due to consistency, great work and determination, they’re where the great company Pepsi Co. is today. If they could grow, so can you.

“Focus on identifying your target audience, communicating an authentic message that they want and need and project yourself as an “expert” within your niche.” – Kim Garst

Video Marketing Tip #10. Must Think About How You Can Repurpose Video

It is good to always think of new ways to repurpose your videos. Construct the videos in such a way that future ideas can be integrated into it to refocus the purpose of the video. Let your audience see the creativity in your brand and how you can use your video to refocus their minds on what you want them to. Your video should carry power with the ability to sway your audience in the direction that you want them to go. It is not an easy task because it requires a lot of brainstorming and probability decisions but at the end of the day, when it produces a great result, that’s all you’ll care about.

Video Marketing Tip #11. Capture Your Audience’s Interest Then Sustain It

Being able to sustain the interest of your audience takes more than a great story. If you have a great story but a very poor video quality or a video with a muffled sound, I give you a 100% that everyone who watches that video will be uninterested after the first ten seconds. So, there’s a lot of work to be done in putting together a captivating video. Make sure you have a top-notch production team that understands that every single angle of the video counts. Do whatever you have to do to get their attention and look for that extra that will sustain that attention. This can only be achieved by intently studying your audience and having a determination to give them what they want only.

“If you want to create messages that resonate with your audience, you need to know what they care about.” – Nate Elliott

Video Marketing Tip #12. Produce Regular Content At The Same Time/Same Day

Consistency is key. This is a phrase that applies to all ramifications of life and so, it applies here too. You might be thinking “Oh, it’s just about creating a captivating video? Who cares about when I post it?” Well, your audience cares, as a matter of fact. If your videos are great, I assure you that they’ll always be looking forward to what next you have in store for them. I can say I always look forward to Coca-Cola and Pepsi videos because they always bring creativity to the table every single time. We know they make one great video every year and we’re always on the lookout. So, once your audience knows the time and day you post your content, they will always anticipate it. Be consistent with the posting. Never disappoint them unless you actually plan on switching things up for good.

Video Marketing Tip #13. Use Analytics And Tools To Optimize Further (Eg Tubebuddy)

There’s only so much you can do to boost your videos and make it rank top in search engines. This is why making use of tools and analytics like Tubebuddy have been provided for video marketers to give them more chance to reach a wider audience than they would organically reach. This is very good because it leads to expansion. The software monitors the video activity and knows what to do according to the instruction you include. You shouldn’t be a brand that changes products all the time. Be consistent with everything and it’ll be much easier for you to connect with more audience every time you put out a video.

Video Marketing Tip #14. Research About Optimum Video Length

The longer the length of a video, the more boring it becomes. No matter how interesting it is, your audience will start to get tired when it’s getting too long. Also, you won’t get the chance to relate the main message because they’ve already logged into another interesting but shorter video. Carry out online research on the optimum video length, depending on the platform you’re aiming to post it. However, I would recommend that regardless of the platform you wish to Market with your video, always keep your videos short and concise. They should be straight to the point, conveying the message you want to tell your audience in the shortest amount of time you can afford. This will make it easier for them to pay attention and receive the message well.

Video Marketing Tip #15. Playlists Can Improve Your Overall Views

Having a playlist where all your videos are, especially on YouTube is a very advantageous move. Videos uploaded in a sequential manner where one video leads to another and then another caused anyone visiting that channel to watch all the available video. Watching captivating videos simultaneously, then another one pops up and another and another will automatically grow in love with the videos and the brand itself. This will automatically increase the overall number of views your YouTube page gets. You can monitor this using YouTube analytics and see how much more your following will increase. It is important that you keep a public record of all your videos because the different messages you’re conveying will definitely reach out to many people.

Video Marketing Tip #16. Use End Screens/Cards To Drive Traffic To Your Web Pages

This is very key. There’s no point creating of video marketing if you aren’t pushing your brand out there in one way or another through the video. A common video marketing mistake a lot of people make is pushing out their product/service at the beginning or middle of the videos. This will only tell the viewer that you just want to collect their money and you’re not necessarily interested in making them happy, which will reduce your chances of getting more audience. So, at the end of the videos, just tell your audience to go to your website using end screens or cards. They are happy with what you’ve done for them through the video and it’s only imperative that they make you happy in turn by visiting your website where they see all the great offers you have for them.


As easy as video marketing seems, if it’s not done in the right way, it won’t be as effective as you hoped it would be. So, I hope these video marketing tips I’ve given you above have been able to eliminate some of the video marketing mistakes you’ve been making.

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