15 Common SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid in 2021 & Beyond [infographic]

SEO still matters in 2021, but the rules of the game have changed. You may be falling behind the competition if you’re still making the following common SEO mistakes.

Stuffing with keywords

When SEO was new, content with high keyword density got high rankings in search results. But now, major search engines use algorithms that detect keyword stuffing and penalize sites accordingly. Offer content that’s relevant to your target audience, and not to search robots.

Focusing only on on-site SEO

Your site’s SEO may be excellent, but what about your content’s SEO in other websites? Providing SEO-optimized content should be part of your off-site strategies. It’s not just the backlinks that matter. Your content on other sites can still rank in search engines when done right.

Failing to update consistently

Even the most viral content won’t stay at the top of search results forever. If you want your site to get a high ranking and keep it, make sure to provide high-quality and relevant content on a regular schedule.

Check out 11 more common SEO mistakes you must avoid in the infographic from Red Website Design.

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