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In 2000, the legendary singer Seo Chan Whee dropped one of the most classic songs that Koreans love the most, entitled “Tears.” This song became one of the toughest songs to sing in the country as well, due to its high notes. 

Among other singers, there are several who attempted to cover the song but failed. This is not only because they did not succeed to reach the highest notes of the song, but didn’t express the deep emotions that comes along with it as well.  

However, these following list of K-pop idols impressed not only K-pop enthusiasts but as well as Koreans, when they feature a successful cover of Seo Chan Whee’s “Tears.” 

UP10TION Sunyoul
UP10TION’s main vocalist once did a stage with the original singer Seo Chan Whee and challenged on performing the song that seemed like he did so effortlessly. Sunyoul has just proven that he is actually the group’s vocalist through this stage.

EXO Chen
Of course, one of the most prominent groups in South Korea would never miss this list. EXO’s main vocalist Chen also did his own take for the song “Tears” as the group appeared in the variety show “Knowing Brothers.”

It seemed like this cover was never taken seriously as the two vocalists from CUBE Entertainment’s Pentagon Shinwon and Jinho performed the song by Seo Chan Whee. However, Jinho, as an underrated vocalist with such a vast vocal range, was able to hit the high notes, which in the end got a score of 99 points in the challenge for this radio show.

EXID Solji
Solji from EXID showcased his fantastic vocal capabilities twice for this song, and everything was caught on camera how cool she is.

BTOB Seo Eunkwang
Born to Beat also got their own contender or main vocalist that challenged the song “Tears.” As they also appeared on the show ‘Knowing Brothers,’ it has shown how Seo Eunkwang outdid his performance from ‘Weekly Idol’ back in 2016.

Red Velvet Irene and Seulgi
Who says Red Velvet’s Irene can’t sing? The freshly announced subunit also got their chance to perform the song “Tears” in a show called Singderella. The two vocalists from Red Velvet got so many impressions on how they successfully reached the high notes of the song. 

Sejeong also proved how amazing his vocal skills are, as she performed the song for a JTBC’s show, which made the MCs along with Sejeong surprised as well.

This Korean-American singer from YMC Entertainment just did a fantastic performance on a concert and impressively belted the song, which ultimately left her fans to scream and cheer at the top of their lungs!


Apink - "Tears" by So Chan Whee [Running Man Ep 459]

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung
The singer, actor, and songwriter Sooyoung from the nation’s girl group Girls’ Generation appeared in the show called Golder Tambourine. Sooyoung has left the audience impressed with her performance as she finished the key point of the song cleanly.

And last but not least, the undeniably impressive performance of the song “Tears” was made by GFRIEND Eunha. She sang this song in an uncomfortable position as a challenge for their appearance in “Running Man.” Eunha just killed the high notes even though it is a challenge, which is utterly astonishing!

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