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Nearly 70 percent of marketers say that video marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your business.

The potential of video marketing to reach out to a larger audience and enjoy an improved return on investment is huge.

However, are you wondering why you’re not having any success with your video marketing efforts?

Read below how to make a marketing video to maximize results with our top 10 video marketing tips. Here we go!

1. Always Upload Your Content to YouTube

Making a marketing video which can’t be accessed via YouTube is crazy. All your videos need to be available on YouTube.

Remember YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world. Only Google gets more web traffic than the video streaming website.

YouTube receives nearly 2 billion active users each month. That’s two-thirds of the total number of internet users.

If you’re marketing videos are not uploaded to YouTube you’re missing out on the biggest audience for online video content in the world.

2. Create a Marketing Video with Great Content

People don’t want to watch boring marketing videos about your company’s services on YouTube.

Around 84 percent of people say that ad interruptions on the internet are too frequent. That’s why people use ad blockers!

Therefore, you need to create marketing videos which people don’t realize are about advertising and marketing.

Ask yourself – what does your niche audience actually want to watch on a video? What would be helpful and engaging for your audience?

The answer is to provide video content which is relevant. If you’re a sports equipment company, provide “how to” videos about how to keep fit.

What about if you’re an artisan baker? Well, create a video in which you promote your recipe for making scones.

3. Search Engine Optimize Your Videos

Remember, you also need to include SEO techniques to improve the ranking of your videos on Youtube and Google.

How do you do this?

You start by including relevant keywords in the description of each video. Also, consider how you can include a catchy title for your videos which also includes keywords.

If you’re not sure about keywords, then check Google Keyword Planner to optimize the effectiveness of your keyword usage.

4. Always Finish with a Call-to-Action

You always want to finish your marketing videos with a CTA (a call to action) which encourages a follow-up.

You should include this at the end of your video footage. This will be the final part of the video, which is the lasting impression viewers will be left with.

But also, add a CTA underneath the video in the description.

Make sure you include the web URL for the link you want to promote. This should normally be your online store or a web page on your company’s website.

Also provide viewers with contact information, such as a phone number, social media accounts, and an email address.

5. Run a YouTube Ad Campaign

Running an ad campaign on YouTube is another way to drive web traffic to your marketing videos. You include a sample of your videos in the ads.

Advertising on YouTube is cost-effective compared with many alternatives. It’s also really easy to get started with your Google Adwords account.

6. Share Your Video Everywhere

You need to utilize your arsenal of promotional avenues to get as many views as possible for your videos.

Share the video on relevant blogs and forums with a link to the YouTube web page. Post on social media, especially Instagram, Facebook and Twitter about your new video.

You should also encourage other viewers to do the same. The more shares you receive for the marketing video, the more engagement. But also, the greater chance you have of achieving your marketing goals.

7. Interact With Viewers

You want to encourage interaction with your viewers. Think about how you create a buzz around your videos.

You want to generate as many “likes” on social media and YouTube as possible. Ask people to comment below the line.

What do they think about your video? You can urge your viewers to discuss the topics covered in your videos.

All of this social activity contributes to an improved SEO ranking, which increases your visibility generally.

8. Ask Viewers to Subscribe to Your Channel

When a viewer subscribes to your YouTube channel, your most recent video appears on the homepage of the user.

The more subscribers you have the higher up the YouTube search rankings you’ll find your videos.

How to get more subscribers?

It’s simple! Just ask them. Whenever you finish your video, urge viewers to subscribe to your channel for more great content.

If they enjoyed what you’re doing, then why wouldn’t they help you out.

9. Turn Your Videos into Blogs

You’ve probably spent a lot of time working on making your marketing videos. It’s a shame to only utilize the material once.

You could also turn your video content into blog posts for your company website. Remember to make sure you include plenty of keywords for SEO purposes.

10. Upload Videos to Other Platforms

Yes, I know we said that YouTube is the most important platform.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t reach bigger audiences by including your videos across multiple video platforms.

The other platforms include Vimeo, Break and DailyMotion. You can also include brief videos on Instagram and Twitter to tempt viewers to watch more.

Do You Want More Video Marketing Tips?

Promoting your business videos isn’t always easy. Sometimes, it can seem like you’re producing great quality content but not getting much engagement.

However, if you follow our video marketing tips, you’ll quickly notice improvements to your results. Before you know you’ll have a growing following of eager viewers.

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