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What is a payment gateway?

The payment gateway is the method that is used to get the price of the product from the buyers in a simple way on a website. If you need to authorize international card payments, you’ll need to start using an international Payment Gateway. Find out everything here, that you need to know about the top 10 international payment gateways. A payment gateway is a method that your businesses use to confirm their customer’s card details, making them vital for online companies that authorize credit/debit card payments. If your business is international, then your mandatory need an international payment method. Today, we discuss the top 10 international payment gateway in the world. But you always remember that your payment method is a must secure payment.

1. PayPal

Paypal is the Most Popular Payment Gateway in World. This gateway help people and companies send and receive payments without providing financial information. Paypal gives access in 203 countries and it supports all types of credit cards, Visa Card, Mastercard, City bank, American Express, etc. It is the top-rated payment gateways.

Paypal Features:

2. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a payment gateway for Amazon Merchants and shoppers. It offers extensive multi-currency capabilities and an easy, fast and secure payment solution that helps people in 8 countries as of now. Amazon pay comes with two different packages –pay with Amazon for merchants and log in and pay for shoppers. Amazon payment provides new features and tools that attract customers and encourage them to shop more and improve customer engagement and loyalty via saved payment details for fast checkouts.

Amazon Pay Features:

3. Skrill

Skrill is one of the popular international payment gateways. Skrill is a modern payment gateway when it comes to payment processing and money transferring. This payment method started in 2001. Now, It has many top companies as their customers using their innovative solutions for their businesses. Skrill one of the successful UK-based payment gateways that supports over 30 different currencies to purchase products and services worldwide.

Skrill Features:

4. Stripe

Nowadays Stripe is a payment gateway platform that helps to accept and manage online transactions anywhere in the world. This Gateway accepts payment in 135+ currencies and offers extensive support for local payments.  It provides complete solutions to process online payments and also offers great features like a custom UI toolkit, embeddable checkout, consolidated reports, and much more. Also, provides an open API that helps to integrate with the Online business system.

Stripe Features:

5. 2Checkout

2Checkout is the most popular Free global payment gateway. It allows businesses to accept online payments from Global buyers. It has many features and localized payment options that help both merchants and customers to make the payment process streamlined. It is a US-based payment gateway transaction worldwide and supports multiple payment methods. It is secure and reliable. Nowadays more than worldwide 50,000 merchants using the 2Checkout payment gateway. It supports 87 different currencies, 8 different payment methods, and 15 languages, in World.

2Checkout Features:

6. Authorize.Net

Authorize.Net is a global payment gateway. It has a merchant base of over 370,000 around the world. It’s a fully integrated electronic check payment system. It provides strong infrastructure, security to ensure smooth, fast, and secure transfer of transactional data. Authorize.Net accepts payments securely, providing a streamlined experience, enables scaling, and a number of other value-adding features. It handles the routing of transactions, albeit in an online setting without software installation, just like the card swiping machine.

Authorize.Net Features:

7. Payza

Payza is a very expedient, fast, and secure payment gateway solution for your businesses. Customer Receive and send money throughout the world. There are different account types for different customers. Like a personal account for personal use and a business account for business purposes with bigger and complex requirements. This Gateway supports 22 different currencies and available in 190 countries. It is one of the best payment gateway solutions for sending and receiving payments globally.

Payza Features:

8. SecurionPay

SecurionPay is a payment gateway that provides mobile payment solutions that support multiple operating systems. Like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS System. It is a secure online payment gateway and one of the best platforms that provide a one-stop solution for companies. It’s a standard payment gateway solution that provides fast and secure integration to your business. It offers flexible API. So you can integrate your business easily and control from your side.

SecurionPay Features:

9. BlueSnap

BlueSnap is the global payment gateway service to help your businesses to accept payments easily. It supports 110 different payment types, 100 currencies, and 29 different languages. This gateway accepts payments from local and international customers. This method is highly secure. It operates in 180 countries and connects automatically global banks.

BlueSnap Features:

10. Braintree (A Paypal Service)

Braintree is a payment gateway in the PayPal network. It offers commerce tools to build global businesses and accept payments. It has many tools and features to help users for worldwide businesses. Braintree accesses 40 countries and supports 130 currencies. The Seller and Buyer enjoy the benefits of faster and secure transactions.

Braintree Features:

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