10 critical seo errors of gambling websites

The world of gambling SEO is constantly shifting, much like technology does. The changes affect the rank of a casino in search results. So, what do you do to bring that ranking up and boost the results? 

Top Mistakes to Avoid

It’s confusing to navigate everything you have to do. It seems like an easy process, but some errors occur. These mistakes penalize your site, but experts from ScanTeam can help avoid them. Below are some of the most common mistakes, from on-page SEO to links and affiliates.

User Experience

User experience is a top priority, but countless sites neglect this aspect. Gambling sites that are cluttered with useless and irrelevant information will deter players and users. ScanTeam points out that it’s common for sites to be loaded with long passages to fill space.

It’s essential to include content that contains quality information, spread over shorter paragraphs that are easier to digest. Put yourself in the perspective of the user and decide if the site is worthy of your time. The more time people spend on the site, the higher the casino ranks in search results.

Monitor the algorithm updates, Google BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers), so that you remain on top of the on-page SEO game while maintaining quality user experience.

Site and Page Speed

Site speed ties in with the user experience. Pages and sites that take long to load are infuriating and a sure guarantee to lower your rankings. Before the site goes live, check your page speeds.

The aim is to have pages on mobile load in under a second, and desktop sites within two seconds. Running speed tests on your site and it’s pages regularly to ensure they load in optimal time and boost your gambling SEO.

Voice Search

An increasingly popular trend is voice search. It’s a direct result of the changes and improvements in technology today. Most users are familiar with the likes of Cortana, Siri, and Alexa, and how easily they improve searching and accessing the internet. It’s no different for gambling enthusiasts.

The most crucial factor to include on the website is the keywords and phrases users use. Text and speech vary in that keywords become phrases when a player uses a voice search app, because it’s more natural.

Topic Clusters

As important as keywords are, topic clusters are just as valid. Consider who your target audience is and what they’re searching for. You want to ensure that they spend as much time as possible on your website, and they’re eager to return. Usually, they’ll want to return to the page or section they initially found interesting.

The best way to aid players and boost website ranking is to introduce topic clusters. In essence, topic clusters are a group of content pages and pieces grouped together by a topic.

Backlink Diversity

Adding backlinks to your site is another way to have better optimization. As with the content on the website, it’s better to have quality links as opposed to a quantity.

Including links to sites that are related to the content is essential to SEO success. Try to avoid paid sponsor links that become spammy. Website users don’t care for them, and they can penalize your site.

Additionally, including a diverse few backlinks from high authority and quality sites will add to your site’s ranking.

Affiliate Link

Affiliate links are an excellent way to boost your site’s ratings; however, they can also be detrimental. They do bring significant traffic to your casino site if done correctly.

One of the best strategies is to use a referral link to get readers to your landing page. This call to action is used in any number of websites that will allow the presence of your business based on their guidelines. 

Most importantly, check links to the website from affiliates.

Influencer Outreach

Similarly to affiliate links, influencer outreach is a proven way to improve your gambling SEO. Using influencers is superb for many reasons, but selecting the right ones is crucial.

The influencers can be ad-heavy and have their sites and blogs placed at a low ranking. If this is the case, it’ll affect the ranking of your site. High authority influencer websites improve your ranking.

Finally, much like affiliate links, it’s best to create specific landing pages for influencer outreach.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has similar issues to influencer outreach. The sites that you select to guest blog can either positively or negatively affect your site. Sites that have high authority will bring you up, while low ones will bring your site down.

Be careful and selective when choosing the sites for guest blogging. You’ll always want to associate the brand with other high ranked and respected sites.

Measure SEO Performance

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is not measuring their SEO performance. Regularly checking the performance will only help the site and its pages do better.

There are countless tools available, and professionals such as Alex Lysak at ScanTeam, that can assist and build the best site and SEO possible.

Using tools such as Ubersuggest, Data Studio, and SEMrush are beneficial too.

Duplicate Content

Be wary of duplicate content. It often arises as a result of URL variations or site issues (an example being HTTP vs. HTTPS). Another cause is when content is copied from one source to another, which should be avoided at all costs. Make sure that all content on the gambling site is original and unique.

You can prevent this by using correct coding and tags on the content. It’ll help the search engines direct users to the correct page and bring traffic to the page you want at a high ranking.

There are many SEO errors on gambling websites that are easy to miss. Hopefully, this guide gives you a breakdown of the most crucial and underestimated mistakes and ways to avoid them.

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