Zach King’s BRILLIANT Strategy For TikTok – How He Grew 42M Fans

In today’s TikTalk, we learn how Zach King has tactically been able to establish himself as one of the biggest creators on TikTok. Zach’s King’s TikTok influence boasts over 41 million fans and a feat like that isn’t achieved by mere luck or chance.

Zach is very strategic in how he structures his videos and how he communicates his unique magic video concepts on the platform. There are plenty of Zach King TikTok compilations on YouTube that will give you a taste of his visual trickery and magic videos. Understanding the nature of his content will bring awareness to how he truly optimizes his content to capture our full attention on a platform where attention is the currency.

This video is inspired by Paddy Galloway and his YouTube creators series. Check out his channel for a similar analysis on some of YouTube’s biggest creators (Mr. Beast, David Dobrik, Pewdiepie).

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0:44 Introduction To Zach King
3:10 He’s Optimizing For Our Full Attention
3:54 Video Hook
6:01 Bait And Switch
7:06 He’s Playing The Quantity Over Quality Game
9:12 Being Yourself Is The Greatest Opportunity

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Zach King’s BRILLIANT Strategy For TikTok - How He Grew 42M Fans

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