YouTube and Instagram Battling to Become Brands’ Top Choice for Social Media Marketing

Several brands and marketers are now promoting their products and services on Social Media platforms and considering Social Media’s impressive growth over the last few years, we can’t blame them!

This often leads to a question regarding which platform to use for business growth and promotion. YouTube and Instagram are, without a doubt, two of the best platforms for influencer marketing right now.

To help in making the Brands’ decision easier, here is a quick comparison between the two platforms. Based on these comparisons, influencers can decide which platform is more suitable for their Brand campaign.


  • It has more than a billion monthly active users (MAUs)
  • The 50 most followed Instagram influencers boast over 2.5 billion combined followers.
  • More than half of the influencers (55.4%) prefer Instagram Stories for Promotional Campaigns.
  • The Stories are taken down after 24 hours.
  • Photos, Videos and Stories are the most preferred forms while creating content.
  • A video can be as long as 60 seconds.
  • Influencer marketing on Instagram is expected to cross the $2.3 billion mark by next year.
  • Product links can easily be included in Stories and Profile Descriptions.
  • Visually attractive products have a huge promotional scope on Instagram.
  • Instagram’s preferred niches are fashion, lifestyle and travel.
  • Renowned Instagram Influencers include Zach King and Huda Kattan.

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  • 4 out 10 millenials have claimed that their favorite YouTube influencers are more understanding than their families.
  • YouTube’s newly added Stories feature can be used by channels with over 10K subscribers and Stories get taken down after 7 days.
  • Unlike Instagram, videos longer than 1 minute can be uploaded easily on YouTube. The limit is 128GB which is unnecessary for a promotional campaign.
  • The published content can either be in the form of Videos or Stories.
  • Product links can be placed either on the cards or in the bio.
  • A thorough review regarding a product can be provided on YouTube as well.
  • YouTube’s most popular niches are tech, gaming and beauty.
  • Logan Paul and Lele Pons are among the most followed YouTube sensations.

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Furthermore, an infographic, courtesy of Grin, is also featured below for comparison purposes. These facts and figures will more than likely make it easier for influencers to choose the best platform for promoting their products. Target audience should also be kept in mind while considering other factors.

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