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Facebook Pixel installation tips | image by Unsplash

What is the Facebook Pixel Code?

Facebook pixel is a Facebook-generated tracking code that has to be installed on your website if you use Facebook to market your business.

You can have a website without a Facebook pixel code but you can’t use the pixel code without a website.

The Facebook ad tracking code is free. You get it from your Facebook ads account with the click of a button. It is unique to your business page.

Why Install the Facebook pixel tracking code?

It is an essential tool if Facebook advertising is part of your sales strategy whether you are selling a product or a service:

Benefits of using the Facebook Pixel Tracking Code

Setting up the Facebook Pixel code for remarketing | Step-by-Step Guide

BEFORE you install the Facebook tracking pixel

DURING the installation of the Facebook Pixel code

AFTER installing the Facebook pixel code

Facebook Pixel remarketing tracking code
Image by: Facebook Pixel helper

Types of Facebook audience for remarketing 

Once your Facebook pixel code is installed correctly, you can retarget people who have interacted with your business in some form, or way. They may be people who have viewed your video, visited your landing page, set up a schedule with you and more!

These people may be your existing customers and potential customers. With their recent interactions with your business, they are the warm audience that are more likely to convert. Hence, they are the best ones to retarget for higher conversion rate.

Here are types of warm Facebook audience that you can remarket to that are available at your fingertips once that Facebook tracking code starts firing up data:

This is just a quick look at the custom audiences you can create on Facebook. An in-depth look at each of these belongs to a future blog.Custom Audiences for Remarketing

The Facebook tracking pixel is a valuable tool for business owners and start-up companies – big or small. It provides your marketing team a more precise data in terms of conversion rates; and set up custom audiences based on site traffic for remarketing.

These are magnificent, exceptionally valuable benefits, who doesn‘t want it?

Need a hand getting your Facebook ad set up for remarketing? Let us know!

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