Why Social Media Marketing Should Be Priority

Online marketing is less costly than traditional ads. The new methods reach more people if applied correctly. Also, most people check their Facebook or Twitter rather than traditional print advertisements. 

Selfies, travel updates, and sharing memories are what we associate social media with. 

However, in the past couple of years, brands over the globe recognized the marketing potential of these platforms. Companies that made online marketing their priority expanded their customer base and witnessed a rise in profits.

Customer Engagement 

Today the trust between companies and customers is at an all-time low. Clients are quick to raise an eyebrow at every corporate promise. For that reason, it is crucial to give them a platform to raise their opinion(s). 

When engaging through posts and comments, clients feel connected to the brand. This personal bond motivates the clients to support the brand, thus more willing to recommend the business and revisit it. 

Most clients want to create a bond between them and the company. For that reason, most people look up Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts of business the moment they hear about them. 


There are more than 2 billion people on social media platforms. If a business launches an account, it exposes itself to millions of potential customers. 

Most platforms have an ad system. Learning algorithms allows brands to target their specific demographics, using this ad system.

This means that it is better to send a couple of ads to targeted groups, than dozens of it to people not interested in the product or service. Sending a couple of ads CBD oils to California, for example, is more effective than spending the whole budget on ads in regions where the substance is still illegal.  

Increases Web Traffic 

Each ad and post could attract more visitors who will give the brand a chance. The best-case scenario is they become regular clients. Worst case, increased exposure strengthens the brand identity. 

Acquiring Data From Consumers 

By now, every serious businessperson realized the value of data. Social media, because of the large number of participants, provides a large amount of data and customer feedback.

Every piece of information is valuable for a growing business. The insight provided acts as a bridge between company goals and customer sentiments. This data can be used to correct mistakes, plan further marketing approaches, and expansion of the business.

Final Thoughts 

Social media is where the majority of people spend their time nowadays. Companies deciding to advertise on platforms like Facebook and Instagram can better reach consumers. The data gathered across these platforms can be analyzed to improve the product and plan further actions, as well as launch product lines that consumers would buy.

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